Suepergirl’s Mon-El finally gains a comic book accurate costume in a new poster

At last, one of the Legion of Superhero members is ready to don an official heroic costume.

Supergirl Mon-El Featured

Despite the series seeming to be wary of many of the comic book related aspects of the Legion of Superheroes, not even using their name outside of an ironic jab, Supergirl is ready to let one of the members become much more comic book accurate.

Dropping a new poster on their Twitter, the series revealed a brand new red and blue costume for Mon-El (Chris Wood) as the Daxamite hero that was sent to the future only to return will shed his previous sort of blue leather jacket style costume he was wearing.

Supergirl Mon-El

This is the first full look at the costume, but it did appear in previous promos and series images and it looks like Mon-El will be donning the new duds sooner rather than later. Just like in the comics, Mon-El’s costume takes many inspirations from the costumes worn by Supergirl and Superman but has it’s own elements that let it stand apart.

Supergirl, having just returned from a winter hiatus, airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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