Marvel unveils Esad Ribic Fantastic Four #1 cover & new series teaser video

Marvel celebrates their first team of heroes ahead of the foursome's big series return this summer.


This summer Marvel’s first family is returning as Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli launch a brand new volume of Fantastic Four after the series has been gone for over three years. Reed & Sue Richards, Johnny Storm & Benjamin Grimm reunite in the series and Marvel has unleashed the first look at Esad Ribic’s cover for the first issue of the series.

Redd & Sue’s kids Franklin & Valeria will also make their return alongside the quartet of adventurer heroes & reportedly the team will face off against classic foe Doctor Doom in some capacity, as Doom has been walking a more heroic line since 2015’s Secret War which was the last time that he and Richards were face to face.


Along with the cover, the publisher also released a teaser trailer that celebrates the family’s 57-year history from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s series that kicked off the Marvel Universe as we know it all the way to the present day.

Fantastic Four returns in August.


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