Cathy Yan reportedly set to direct Warner Bros. next Harley Quinn film

One of many projects in development, Yan's Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey film could begin production in 2019.

Harley Quinn

Since Margot Robbie brought the character to life on the big screen in 2016’s Suicide Squad, rumors & reports have circulated about a number of projects that Warner Bros. is or was developing featuring Harley Quinn. There was a Gotham City Sirens from Suicide Squad director David Ayer, a Joker/Harley film, and even the in development Suicide Squad 2. 

Now another project has risen featuring the clown princess of crime and it has potentially snagged a director.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are in the process of formalizing a deal with director Cathy Yan to handle an “untitled girl gang movie” which is believed to be a Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey film. Reportedly Yan got the job “over numerous well established male directors” because her Birds of Prey pitch was deemed “exceptional” by the studio heads.

Yan would be the third female director for the studio’s comic book line of films following Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins and Ava DuVernay who reportedly is set to work on a New Gods film and would be the first Asian director ever to direct a big budget superhero film. The success of her small-budget indie film Dead Pigs won Sundance’s World Cinema Dramatic Award for Ensemble Acting earlier this year.

In the comics, the Birds of Prey is generally an all-female superhero team featuring Batgirl/Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress with other members having appeared in the various incarnations of the team. It’s unclear if those characters will appear and what their relationship to Harley would be and if Harley would be a member of the team or against the team.

Alongside starring in the film, Robbie is producing the film under her LuckyChap production company banner with Sue Kroll and her Kroll & Co Entertainment and Bryan Unkeless of Clubhouse Pictures. Transformers: Bumblebee and recently hired Batgirl writer Christina Hodson wrote the script for this film as well.

There is no release date but reportedly the film could be set to begin production by the end of the year or in early 2019.





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