Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez bring their Spider-Gwen story to an end in July

After a one-shot & forty-one ongoing issues, Gwen's original creative team is hanging up the webs.


All good things must come to an end. After debuting in a one-shot during 2015’s Spider-Verse events, the ongoing stories of Spider-Gwen, Earth 65’s Spider-Woman/Gwen Stacy, from her original creative team are coming to an end this summer.

Jason Latour announced through Twitter that the series he’s worked on with Robbi Rodriguez for the last three years in two different volumes has not been canceled, but the duo has decided to bring their story to a natural end with July’s issue #34. According to a press release from Marvel, in the issue “Gwen’s going to have to face her biggest battle yet – and she’ll have to do it without a mask or a secret identity!”

“All I can say is it’s been an incredible journey,” Latour said in Marvel’s press release. “A little itch in the back of our minds became a one shot that lasted 41 issues as of issue #34, spanned across nearly every form of media, and inspired countless cosplayers and artists. Gwen Stacy changed our lives forever – and now she gives us one last gift – the chance to wrap her story up the way we always intended.”


While Latour and Rodriguez’s time on the series and with the character is over, it seems unlikely that Marvel as a whole will be finished with the alternate reality Spider hero. Already she is part of their upcoming Marvel Rising multiplatform endeavor, as Ghost Spider, and chances are she’ll either appear in some other upcoming Marvel comic series or might even see the reboot of her own series as part of the upcoming Fresh Start endeavor.

Spider-Gwen #34 arrives in July.




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