Art takes the spotlight in DC Comics brand new variant cover design

The publisher's new trade dress for variant covers puts all the focus on the artwork

Batman 45 Featured

In November 2017, DC Comics made some changes to the look of their comic book covers by dropping the DC Rebirth banners and changing up the corner boxes to include logos of the books main characters among other changes. Now the publisher has turned their eye towards making changes to their variant covers.

As reported by The Beat, DC has changed up their variant covers in order to spotlight the art better by dropping the book logos and slimming down the UPC box, corner box, and credits as well as placing the name of the book in smaller text near the bottom. The idea is to let the art speak for itself and stand out since those that buy variant covers are usually doing so because they like the art.

Jim Lee’s variant cover for Batman #45 and John Romita Jr.’s variant for Nightwing #44 show off the new art-focused look for the covers.

Batman 45Nightwing 44

Batman #45 arrives on April 18 and Nightwing #44 arrives on May 2.



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