Ryan North announces the new Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist following Erica Henderson’s departure

Henderson departs with issue #31 with a former Jughead artist stepping in to follow her with issue #32.

Squirrel Girl

Since 2015, artist Erika Henderson has been part of a team that has created the monthly adventures of Doreen Green, the hero known as Squirrel Girl. After almost 40 issues, including an original graphic novel, Henderson recently announced she’d be stepping back from the series (still doing covers, just not interiors) as she pursues some creator-owned opportunities.

Despite her departure, Henderson at the time assured fans that the Ryan North written series would be continuing. Now we know who will be stepping in as Henderson’s successor.

Speaking to Newsarama & through Twitter, North revealed that his former Jughead collaborator artist Derek Charm will be the new artist helping to bring life to Doreen’s ongoing adventures after Henderson steps away officially with this month’s The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #31. Colorist Rico Renzi, who’s been along for the ride for both volumes of the title, will remain on board to color Charm’s work.

Henderson’s final issue arrives tomorrow, April 11 in stores. Charm’s first issue of the series will be issue #32 which arrives on May 09.


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