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Arrowverse – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×18 “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly” review

The final battle with Mallus finally arrives and the Legends deal with the threat in their typical fun unorthodox style.

DC LOT 3x18

Saving All Of Time & Existence, Legends Style

It all comes down to this, the final fight with Mallus as the season comes to an end. As is expected based upon the previous finales, not everyone, neither hero nor villain, is safe. That is proven rather quickly this time around as Mallus has emerged into the world and Captain Rip Hunter makes the ultimate sacrifice to allow his friends and former crew a chance to escape. Armed with the unstable time core, Rip faces down Mallus and incapacitates the demon for the moment so that the team can jump back into the timestream. While Rip saved lives and potentially will be reunited with his wife and son, this is a loss. Since the first season, the writers have not known what to do with Rip, putting him at odds more often than not with the rest of the Legends and moving him from a regular to an off and on recurring guest. Arthur Darvill is so great as Rip, it’s a major shame that he never got to have another season to be a full Legend, and instead is now dead. Not that dead means dead in the Arrowverse.

Since it was announced that Jonah Hex was going to appear once more on the show, there was a bit of wonder how it would work out. Nicely the Legends remembered that his town of Salvation is a temporal blind spot where they can hide from Mallus. Hiding didn’t work out so well as Mallus sends a possessed Blackbeard, Freydís Eriksson, and Julius Caesar to offer the team an ultimatum. It’s really cool that Mallus was paying attention to all the episodes this season to pick out various temporal figures that the team faced off against. This, of course, leads to the team facing off against a force of pirates, Vikings, and Romans in the old west which is pretty much a typical fun par for the course for this series.

Legends don’t fight alone though, as their call for help that Zari puts out is answered. Director Ava Sharpe brings allies in the form of Helen of Troy (now a super bad ass Amazonian warrior), a heroic version of Kuasa who is now Vixen and carries her grandmother’s totem and the return of Jefferson “Jax” Jackson. Things don’t usually end well for the Legends, but Jax is their happy ending storyline. While it’s only been months for the team, Jax has been gone for five years his time and in that timeframe, he’s gotten married and has a young daughter. He’s living a brand new adventure, one that would make the late Professor Stein very happy. These characters served as a reminder to the Legends that despite the bad things that have happened around them, they have done good things and can continue to do good in their style. They can carry the Totems and combine them to save the day if they just believe.

This would not be complete though without speaking about that final battle. In typical Legends style, when the six totem bearers come together to create the ultimate warrior that will take down Mallus it’s something completely unexpected yet at the same time very expected. Instead of creating some typical warrior, their minds all go to one place for something pure and it’s too late: Beebo returns. The giant furry blue Furby like toy has been a recurring bit this season since the mid-season finale and now the six totem bearers within the giant Beebo fight and defeat Mallus. Yes, Mallus the evil time demon is defeated by Beebo. That’s so very Legends like. Especially the giant heart-shaped explosion as Beebo and Mallus leave behind nothing but a crater full of stuffing and feather.

DC LOT 3x18 Nate Amaya

Messing With Time Isn’t Always A Bad Idea

Time travel is a touchy subject as messing with it has ripple effects and can cause a lot of trouble when you change just one thing. This is something the Legends have a lot of experience with over the three seasons, especially this one. Except, they’ve also seemingly found some loopholes and just made some choices that broke the time stream but worked out for others. Kuasa’s past was fixed so that she was never evil, serving as Vixen alongside her sister Mari. Helen of Troy was left on Themyscira to become a warrior instead of having to be placed back into the Trojan War where she was meant to be, a case of a loophole where she was in the right time but just a different place in that time.

The biggest example this week was when Ray made the at first seemingly bad choice to go back in time with Damian Darhk to try and save Nora Darhk from being destroyed as Mallus emerged. Instead of it being a bad decision in a way, it worked out where nothing changed in the time stream. They took Nora down with Ray’s nanite gun, which was killing her body so Mallus took over Damian’s body. Just as the villain was expecting. Since the second season, this show has done so much to develop the character from the sort of flat destroy the world villain that he was on Arrow. Despite him being a murderous villain, they even found a way to somewhat humanize him through his care for Nora. He knowingly made the ultimate sacrifice to save her from being taken over by a demon, a father doing what it takes to save his daughter. A noble deed that felt true to the arc of the character that had built all season.

After messing with time, the Legends do one thing to somewhat fix time. All season it’s been something they have struggled with but it was inevitable: Amaya returns to her time, at last, to live out the life she’s meant to. Nate and Amaya have their final goodbye, and she keeps him from erasing her memories so she can keep part of him. While, like death, no exit is ever a guaranteed exit on this show it seems likely that Amaya will be more like Hawkman & Hawkgirl in that she won’t be returning to the show anytime soon as she is set to live out her life into old age and have a family which includes Mari and Kuasa, the future Vixens. Never say never, but it’s likely a never again with the Legends situation for this hero.

Final Thoughts

Mallus is gone, Damian Darhk is gone and Rip Hunter is gone. Multiple losses were felt as the Legends took down the demon but seemingly opened the door to other horrible things that will be part of their Constantine filled fourth season. Everything about the finale worked out in a truly Legends like way as the show continues to be the most fun out of all the Arrowverse ones, something it hopefully keeps up again come season four.

Score: 9 out of 10


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