Mark Millar reveals that Kingsman movie sequels are in development

Multiple sequels are reportedly in the works for Fox's throwback but modern spy franchise adaptation.


The fate of Eggsy and the rest of the Kingsmen seemed to be up in the air after there was quite a bit of fanfare for last year’s sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle followed by seeming silence on the spy franchise.

That’s no longer the case.

As reported by SyFy WireKingsman comic book co-creator Mark Millar revealed during a panel at C2E2 that not only is there another film in the works, but there are two sequels in the works. Millar said that Jane Goldman, who co-wrote both films scripts, is working with writer and director Matthew Vaughan on the scripts and they have finished one of them so far.

Kingsman is considered to be an alternate take on the James Bond films of recent times which have gotten a bit more ‘gritty’ and ‘realistic,’ with Kingsman bringing back a lot of the over the top villains and plots that used to permeate the Bond franchise and many other spy films. The Golden Circle introduced the Statesman, an American based spy organization which is a counterpart to the Kingsman.

Recently the Kingsman franchise found a second life back in comic book form from Image comics, with Kingsman: The Red Diamond from Rob Williams and Simon Fraser.





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