Zachary Quinto reveals there might be three possible Star Trek 4 scripts

Quentin Tarantino's take on the science-fiction franchise might just be one out of three scripts in contention at the studio.

Star Trek Beyond

Just like it is for most of us as individuals, the future is truly wide open in possibilities for Star Trek as a movie franchise. A fourth film Paramount Picture’s rebooted film franchise is a possibility at some point, but currently who will be behind it all is a bit nebulous.

Zachary Quinto, the man behind the new version of logical Vulcan science officer Spock, is just as uncertain about what is on the way. Speaking to ET Canada, the actor shared his thoughts about the franchise including the sort of recent news about Quentin Tarantino writing or maybe even directing the next film.

Quinto points out that Tarantino is set to begin shooting his next project Once Upon a Time in Hollywood sometime this summer which would keep him from really participating in anything Star Trek-wise for quite some time with the shooting and post-production of that film coming first. That’s not the only thing standing in the writer-director’s way though.

During the interview Quinto alluded to the fact that Tarantino’s might be just one out of three scripts in contention as Star Trek Beyond writers Simon Pegg and Doug Jung are said to be working on a script of their own for the fourth film while writers Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne (who worked on an early Beyond draft) are also working on a script for the film.

“I feel like we’re in a state of anticipation,” Quinto said. “Like all of us are really excited about the idea of working with Quentin on a Trek film, but I know Simon and Doug Jung, Simon Pegg and Doug Jung who wrote the last film, are writing a script. And then there’s another set of writers writing a script. So I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

With the studio reportedly wanting to get the next film in the franchise out potentially in 2019 at some point, and with Tarantino reportedly wanting his film to be R-rate, the other two writing teams might have a leg up on getting the gig depending on how busy Tarantino gets with his upcoming film.

(Via: SyFy Wire)




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