Marvel’s time-displaced original X-Men are facing Extermination this summer

The future is seemingly bleak for the original five X-Men stuck out of time as Marvel teases a possible new event series.


Things are not looking bright for the past, present or future of Marvel’s time-displaced versions of the original five X-Men.

The publisher announced a brand new title called Extermination from writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz with a Mark Brooks cover which seems to indicate that the ultimate fate of those X-Men might finally be addressed. There is no other information such as title length or details, other than an August launch, as Marvel is set to reveal more during the C2E2 convention at their Marvel’s True Believers panel on Sunday, April 08 at 12:15-1:15pm CT. 


Since Brian Michael Bendis brought the characters forward in time during 2012, their status has changed greatly. The characters have evolved far beyond their humble beginnings, with the end of time itself upon their shoulder at many times. Their origins were seemingly changed at one point to be from an alternate reality and not actually from the past of the main Marvel Universe, but Cullen Bunn’s X-Men Blue just threw that into flux once more recently as the teens traveled back to their own time to find the evil Brotherhood of the Future impersonating them.



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