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DC TV – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×17 “Guest Starring John Noble” review

A dark bargain & selfish choices are made as the Legends battle against Mallus takes a turn that threatens all of existence.

DC LOT 3x17

The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still My Enemy

Damian Darhk has done a ton of awful things since he entered the scene back in season four of Arrow. One of those things was the murder of Laurel Lance, the sister of Sara Lance. Which gives a great reason for why Sara wanted to kill him back in season two of Legends of Tomorrow and still wants to kill him now, even as he stands as the best chance the Legends have to stop all of time from crumbling and releasing the demon Mallus.

Gorilla Grodd heads back in time to kill a young college student version of Barack Obama, going by Barry still, poised to finally break time for Mallus through that change to the time stream. Thankfully, the Legends and the Bureau (in the form of Rip Hunter and Director Ava Sharpe) are there to help save the future President and shrink the evil psychic gorilla to protect the timeline. If only things were that easy. Mallus has his grip fully on Nora Darhk, and once he’s free Nora will be killed, leading to her father to claim he was going to finish Grodd’s mission but instead, he approaches the Legends to be on their side to save Nora. Despite the back and forth on if they should, Sara eventually comes to realize that they need him and agrees to his help on the condition that she gets to kill him once things are over. He agrees, because of love for his daughter.

What has made Damian such a compelling villain since leaving Arrow, is how much of a more complete person Legends of Tomorrow offers up. He’s not just some evil character out to kill and take down Oliver Queen and others. Sure he’s still evil and murderous, but he’s got likes and dislikes and has a fun sense of humor at times and most important of all he has found love in that he greatly loves his daughter and would do anything to protect and save her. His conversation with Sara about how both of them have been killers, but how Sara was able to rise above that all through the love of her sister and love of her friends to become something more. It shows that there truly is hope that anyone, no matter how awful they think they are can have a shot at redemption if they truly desire it. Damian has some great insights into his and Sara’s situation, too bad he’s still not trustworthy.

Oh and the cameo of John Noble from 1999 during the time he was shooting The Lord of the Rings trilogy? Wonderful. After hearing his voice all season long the Legends producers said they had a clever way to let the actor cameo as himself and it did not disappoint. Having the crew realize that this actor totally sounds just like the demon Mallus so they can use his voice to trick Nora, is such a Legends type thing. Which makes it work.

DC LOT 3x17 Ray Darhk

Breaking All Of Time Is Simple As Making A Choice

For most of the last season, Amaya has dealt with the knowledge that in 1992 her entire village is set to be destroyed by warlords and nothing can be done about it. It’s part of history, and it leads to her granddaughters escaping and Mari McCabe becoming the heroic Vixen and her sister Kuasa becoming the water totem bearing villain. Amaya makes the decision at last that she cannot have the weight of that knowledge upon her anymore, and escapes to save her village and change time. To save her family. Everyone is making choices this week based upon love, unfortunately, it’s the wrong choices.

Wally and Nate’s mission to stop her fails because Nate decides to see things Amaya’s way, and through Amaya’s conversation with her own daughter and Nate’s with an older Amaya, they find a way to save the village by getting Amaya’s daughter to take on the totem (in the regular timeline she refused) so she can protect the village. A move that will create an anachronism that will be the final straw that breaks all of time and unleashes Mallus upon all of time and space. Which is the Legends plan.

At this point, both plots come together, with the Legends and Damian deciding to wield all six totems and let Mallus come forth so that they can use the totem (hopefully) to blast him right back into the outside time prison he’s escaping from. Damian though betrays them because he has a vision of Nora, saying she’s not fully gone and is fighting Mallus. So he unleashes Grodd upon Amaya’s village so that he can destroy it and time can stay relatively the same so that Mallus won’t kill Nora upon his emergence. They all fight, Damian almost kills Wally and Ray, Sara stabs him in the back, Earth totem Nate stops Grodd and breaks time, Mallus emerges and now time is fully broken. Another day in the lives of the Legends.

While Damian betrayed them and Amaya risked all of time, their reasons are understandable. They come from the love of others and wanting to set things right, no matter how selfish it might be. Love and selfishness tend to go hand in hand at times, as that love can cause us to want to do anything for those people we love even if it’s not the best choice. The “Rip Hunter is a jerk” revelations continue with finding out there were 11 other Avas who died for the bureau before the current one was activated. That really needs to stop next season and they need to find more to do with him if they are to bring him back. I maintain that Rip will work on the crew even with Sara as the leader, it just takes some concessions and really it would be better than this constant Rip is a jerk who lies and such gig. It’s run its course. Time for something new.

Final Thoughts

What makes this work is the character moments that really show who all of these people are, their good points and their bad points alike. The last handful of episodes have done a good job of humanizing Damian while still showing that yes he is a monster still, making him a much more nuanced and dynamic character. Broken time and old faces as the team faces Mallus in the finale should be very interesting.

Score: 9 out of 10


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