Jon Hamm reportedly almost played Mister Sinister in New Mutants

Hamm's cameo role became a casualty of the changes that the Fox young mutant film is undergoing after being delayed.

Mister Sinister

Jon Hamm’s name has been circulating the rumor mills quite often when it comes to comic book/superhero related films. Mostly his name as of late has been attached to Warner Bros. and Batman, as the actor reportedly approached them about the chance to play the character should Ben Affleck actually leave the role soon as has been rumored for quite a long time now.

Turns out though, he might have almost had a role on the Marvel side of things.

According to a report from The Tracking Board, among all the changes that are being made with Fox’s twice-delayed The New Mutants was the loss of an end of the film tag scene featuring Hamm bringing to life the classic X-Men villain Mister Sinister. This was set to follow up the tag that appeared at the end of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse which featured some workers from the mysterious Essex Corporation, Essex being the surname of Mister Sinister who was originally known as Nathanial Essex.

Hamm’s filmed material became a victim of the changes that Fox has instituted for the film, moving it away from the completed Young Adult film that director Josh Boone turned in towards a more horror-tinged film that reportedly Boone wanted to make in the first place. Instead, Antonio Banderas has reportedly been tapped to play an unspecified villain, that isn’t expected to be Mr. Sinister, in a new tag for the film.

The alien mutant Warlock, one of the classic members of the New Mutants in comics, was another character that ended up being cut from the film (he was featured in early drafts of the script) like Mr. Sinister as Fox reportedly decided that the CGI heavy character would be too expensive for the film.

Originally set to be debuting this month, The New Mutants was first delayed until February 2019 before it was pushed once more to an August 2019 release date. According to the reports, the reason for the decision to change the film into the horror-filled one that Boone wanted was the success of Warner Bros. It last fall.

The New Mutants second half is reportedly set and ready to go, with the first half of the film set to undergo reshoots.







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