John Boyega reveals he’s met with Marvel Studios about a possible role

The Star Wars & Pacific Rim actor revealed he could be potentially joining the MCU at some point in the future.

Pacific Rim Boyega

Marvel Studios has made it clear that the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and the subsequent Avengers 4 are set not only to wrap up a decade’s worth of storylines from their cinematic universe but will also see the Marvel Cinematic Universe altered greatly by the end. Those changes are expected to come in the form of characters dying, retiring, or leaving while the newer and younger heroes take over in prominance.

That new future very well could include John Boyega in some capacity.

While at Awesome Con in Washington D.C. over the weekend the Star Wars Pacific Rim: Uprising actor tackled various rumors that have persisted about him potentially taking on the role of Blade that Wesley Snipes played for multiple years. According to Bounding Into Comics, who covered his appearance at the con, Boyega made it clear that he has no plans to take the role from Snipes but he did reveal that he has had “meetings with Marvel about potentially taking on a Marvel superhero.”

Boyega was “adamant this would be way down the line and most likely wouldn’t be happening in the near future.”

That fits with the idea that Marvel has around 20 something films in various stages of development for the aftermath of Avengers 4. Some of those films are the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel and likely sequels for Black Panther, Captain Marvel or even Doctor Strange.

There were no specifics given by Boyega about what hero he would be potentially playing or even if it would be a starring role or a supporting role or just a cameo of some kind.




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