The Avengers stand fully assembled to fight as one in Pepe Larraz teaser images

An all-new roster of Avengers is ready to stand together to protect the world from an ancient threat.

Avengers - Complete

Following the current Avengers: No Surrender event storyline, the Avengers will form once more with a brand new series and a brand new line-up led by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. This new Avengers series is part of Marvel’s upcoming Fresh Start initiative and to promote the series Marvel has been releasing new teaser images.

Drawn by 2018 Marvel Young Guns artist Pepe Larraz, the images each feature a duo of characters from the roster standing together with part of the Avengers logo in the background and the caption “Fight As One” above them. Previously Marvel released images with Iron Man & Captain Marvel and Thor & Black Panther.

The latest images feature Captain America & Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Doctor Strange & Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes).

Avengers - Captain America & HulkAvengers - Doctor Strange & Ghost RiderAvengers - Iron Man Captain MarvelAveners - Black Panther & Thor

Each of the pieces of art will be featured as special character lithos starting in May as part of the celebration for Avengers #1. 

Avengers laucnhes this May.

Written by JASON AARON
Art and Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
On Sale 5/2/18


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