Slott & Pichelli help revive the Fantastic Four for Marvel’s Fresh Start

Marvel's first family makes their big return to the Marvel Universe this summer with a brand new creative team.

Fantastic Four Featured

Marvel’s Fresh Start initative has been focused on providing new starts for various Marvel heroes and titles, but there has been one team that has been missing for quite a few years now.

That changes this August.

Announced by Marvel today on TwitterFantastic Four is making a big return as a monthly title.

Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben are back together once more from the creative team of Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli. Chip Zdarsky and others have been working to bring the first family of Marvel back together in their series Marvel 2-In-One, which Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski announced will continue as a title right alongside Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four

The previous volume of Fantastic Four came to an end in 2015 before the event Secret Wars, where at the end it was revealed that Reed and Sue and their kids Franklin and Valeria (along with others from the Future Foundation) were out working with the Molecule Man to recreate all the different dimensions that were destroyed when the multiverse collapsed.

Franklin and Valeria appeared in a cameo spot at the end of Marvel Legacy #1 last fall and Ben and Johnny have been reunited in Marvel 2-In-One trying to find their family.


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