Sam Humpries takes over DC’s Harley Quinn beginning in July

Fresh off a runs on Green Lanterns & Nightwing, Humpries brings Harley to meet with the New Gods.

Harley Quinn Featured

Harley Quinn’s comic book adventures the last few years have taken her all over, helping the character grow beyond just being the companion to Joker that she was for a long time. This summer, she’s headed to Apokolips to meet the New Gods.

As reported by The Washington Post, writer Sam Humphries is set to take over writing duties on the solo Harley Quinn series alongside current series artist John Timms beginning with issue #45. Humphries joins the title after a lengthy run on Green Lanterns and a recent eight-issue run on Nightwing.

“[Harley is] a top-tier character in the DC universe,” Humphries told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs. “That also comes with a mandate that allows me to exact a lot of mayhem on the comics page.”

Harley will meet up with the classic DC villain Granny Goodness, who will give her an offer that she might not be able to refuse. Granny’s offer is a chance for Harley to join the Female Furies of Apokolips, and the clown princess of crime must decide whether to remain an anti-hero with some heroic tendencies or become a full villain again.

Harley Quinn

Along with the offer and the meeting of classic Jack Kirby created New Gods characters, Harley is set to get a brand new version of her signature hammer weapon.

“When she grabs this Kirby-infused hammer, it’s going to give her powers like she’s never had before. It’s going to be unlike any other hammers she’s ever had before and she’s a hammer enthusiast,” Humphries said. “We’re going to see Harley use that hammer to kick a lot of [butt], but we’re also going to see her wrestle over what it means to take on that kind of power.”

Humphries run comes following a lengthy five-year run by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti which was followed by a short run by writer Frank Teirri and various artists and an upcoming two-issue story arc by Chris Sebela and Mirka Andolfo.

“Jimmy and Amanda had an absolutely legendary run on Harley. Five years. Fantastic stories. They’ve done just as much as anybody to shape this character,” Humphries said. “One of the things that is going to define this run is bringing [Harley] a little close to the core of the DCU. We’ll see a lot of familiar faces. Familiar places. One way to make that clear right off the jump is to bring Harley to Apokolips, which in many ways is the heart of the DC mythos. If anyone can take on Apokolips single-handed, it’s Harley Quinn.”

Humpries and Timms run begins in July.



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