Caity Lotz set to return as Sara Lance for Arrow season six finale

The Waverider captain returns to her family and hometown once more as Arrow wraps its season in May.

DC LOT 3x12 Sara

Captaining a dysfunctional team of Legends and protecting all of time is a pretty busy job. That doesn’t mean that Sara Lance doesn’t have time for her loved ones back in Star City.

While DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is set to wrap up its third season very on April 9, it will not be the last time Caity Lotz will play Captain Sara Lance/White Canary this season. According to Collider, Lotz is set to return as Sara during the upcoming sixth season finale of Arrow, the series where she first began playing the character.

There are no details at this point of why Sara will be headed to Star City, but it’s very likely it’s tied to the Earth-2 villainous version of her sister Laurel/Black Siren who has been a threat this season of Arrow. While Laurel has been a big threat, she’s also now been masquerading as the returned from the dead version of this Earth’s Laurel and their father Quentin Lance has been back and forth on trying to rehabilitate her.

Sara and her crew have their hands full at the moment, trying to stop the demon Mallus from escaping his time-displaced prison and destroying all of time itself.

Arrow’s season six finale airs on May 17.



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