Dark times are ahead as Marvel announces The Death of The Inhumans

The Grim Reaper comes for everyone at some point, this summer his sights are set upon the Inhumans.

Death of Inhumans Featured

The Terrigen Mist powered Inhumans have been through quite a lot over the last few years of the Marvel Universe. More of a supporting cast of characters over the decades, the group became a regular fixture after Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity event in 2012.

Since then they’ve lost their home of Attilan, had a cloud of Terrigen travel the world manifesting new Inhumans, built a New Attilan, fought a war against the X-Men, sought out an answer in space to try and stem their extinction and much more.

This summer, they face death.

Marvel has announced a brand new story from Donny Cates and Ariel Olivetti, with a cover by Kaare Andrews titled Death of the Inhumans.

Death of Inhumans

There is no word on the length of the story, what is coming for the Inhumans or anything else. Just the release set for July this year.


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