Dark Phoenix & New Mutants delays reportedly stem from reshoots

Scheduling issues with a busy cast and creative differences are part of the reasons for delays to Fox's two X-Men films.

X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men movie fans were hit recently with the news that two of Fox’s offerings in the franchise, The New Mutants X-Men: Dark Phoenix, have been delayed. It was the first delay for Dark Phoneix, moving from November 2 this year to February 14 in 2019, but is the second delay for The New Mutants which was set to arrive on April 13 this year before moving to February 22 in 2019 and now finally to August 2 in 2019.

Thanks to a new report, audiences might have some answers about the delays.

According to Collider, the issue with Dark Phoenix’s move stems from reports that a test screening of the film led to the decision for some additional photography/reshoots. Reshoots are common with films, but what caused the delay, in this case, is that a majority of the major cast (Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, Sophie Turner, etc) are very busy individuals. According to the reports, the earliest that all of the cast required for the reshoots can be gathered together is August or September this year, meaning the film had to be delayed as there would not be enough time for the post-production that would be needed on the reshot portions of the film.

While Dark Phoenix just has a simple case of scheduling behind its delays, the issues facing New Mutants are a bit bigger.

Originally there were reports circulating that the first delay for the young mutant horror film was due to Fox wanting some reshoots and the addition of an entirely new character (rumored to be the alien Warlock). According to the Collider report that is still true, but a test screening led to Fox deciding that the film was not scary enough. Director Josh Boone reportedly delivered a copy of the film that he is happy with but Fox wanted more, for the film to stand out even more from the standard X-Men films after films like Logan and Deadpool succeeded by being outside of the box.

Reportedly reshoots will not be as simple as Dark Phoenix because Fox is asking for at least 50% of the film to be reshot and for one or two new characters to be added that will be appearing through the entire film. Added to that are reports of creative differences between Boone and the studio, as Boone was happy with his cut of the film as mentioned above.

The New Mutants delays came after the studio had already begun rolling out promotional material, including trailers, at the end of 2017.

While delays happen all the time in any artistic endeavor, a lot of eyes are upon Fox as of late after they have found more success with their outside of the main X-Men films (gaining an Oscar Nomination for Logan) and with all the reports of Disney working a deal to purchase all the film and television departments from Fox.




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