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DC TV – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×16 “I, Ava” review

Director Sharpe's origins are laid out as the battle for the totems turns darker & takes a very tragic turn.

DC LOT 3x16

Here’s An Ava, There’s An Ava, Everywhere’s An Ava

A lot of times there is nothing worse than having to be around your ex shortly after breaking up with them. This week Sara Lance found one of those things that actually is worse, dropping into a world populated by a seemingly infinite amount of duplicates of that ex. After teasing a few weeks ago when Rip Hunter erased the files of Ava Sharpe, Legends revealed the backstory and origin of Director Sharpe and it’s probably not what most expected.

Bothered by the Death totem possession and the break up with Ava last week, Sara is headed out to take some time for herself (leaving Amaya as the ship Captain in her stead) only to have that thwarted when Agent Gary comes calling to find his missing boss. Sara, Gary and Ray try to find Sharpe and instead find out that her supposed parents in Fresno are just actors hired four years ago to pretend to be her parents. When Ava shows back up at the Time Bureau, lying about having seen her parents, the gang steals the Time Bureau Mothership to travel to Vancouver 2213 (which is locked off to anyone outside the Director and the Mothership) only to find a world populated by Avas.

Turns out the Director is a clone, part of a whole program where they create Ava clones to protect people, help them, all that standard stuff that future world’s tend to do with clones or robots or other measures. Supposedly she’s been created from all the ‘best’ genes from around the world to create what the program calls the ‘perfect woman.’ At first it looked like the show was going to go with a cliche robot thing, but they swerved a bit. Ava doesn’t know she’s a future clone and has a bit of an identity crisis, which serves as a way to kind of heal the rift between her and Sara in a way. Their break-up was stupid in the last week’s episode, and while it’s not erased this week hopefully it will be at some point. They were a great couple and deserve a better chance.

DC LOT 3x16 Darhks

Never Trust A Villain, They Lie

Because Amaya lost her Totem weeks ago, the timeline is slowly starting to change including her granddaughter Mari McCabe, the Vixen of the present time, who is a powerless vigilante that has gotten hurt. Nate and Wally head to check on her and end up running into Amaya’s villainous granddaughter Kuasa. Claiming she’s there to protect her sister Mari, Kuasa manages to convince Nate and Wally that if she uses Nate as prisoner they can get the Totem back from the Darhks. Turns out, once she gets the Totem she can’t be trusted. Shocker.

In a way though, Kuasa’s behavior can’t be faulted. Amaya and Nate’s romance quite literally threatens the very existence of Mari and Kuasa because he is not their grandfather. If Amaya does not return to her timeline and meet the man she is supposed to marry her grandchildren will be erased from the timeline at some point. Amaya calls Kuasa selfish, but she’s just as selfish. She’s been away from her timeline for a long time now and keeps trying to find ways to change things that are supposed to happen in her future, the past. In the end though, Kuasa proves that while she might not be the best person she was not selfish as she came back to save Amaya and Nate and gave her life in the end as she fought Mallus/Nora Darhk.

Damian and Nate having a heart to heart as Nate is tied up was pretty great in it’s own way. Legends has fully allowed Neal McDonough to cut loose with Damian, really digging into different aspects of the character. Darhk is dangerous but his feelings about losing his daughter to Mallus is understandable. He’s watching a demon take over his child, who he wanted to rule the world beside.

Mick Rory: Totem Bearer

Mick Rory, the former villain known as Heatwave, is one of six hopes for all of time. Take a moment for that to soak in. After picking up the Fire Totem last episode in order to stop Sara’s Death Totem/Mallus fueled rampage, Mick is of course abusing the totem for comedic food effect because that is who he is. All season, outside of the moments with his dad in Vietnam & the loss of Axl (and his inability to deal with all the changes to the team), Mick has been comedic relief. Seeing him get the chance to do a bit more, not that he does great at it, is nice but also frustrating.

One track mind with the food, refusing to learn to use the Totem right while insulting Zari got a bit old fast. We’ve seen Mick in season two know the stakes of things and do what needed to be done when the time comes. Right now it sort of feels like he’s regressed in ways and isn’t doing what needs to be done as a Legend. The timeline is literally breaking around them, yet he’s being hard headed and crude. The two of them feeling Kuasa’s death through the Totem seemed to have some small effect, hopefully it changes him for the better along the way. Cause the current route for him is getting a bit tiresome.

Final Thoughts

Legends avoided what could have been a bit of a cliche with the Ava plot, while still flirting heavily with that possible cliche. Rip being behind more secrets is a bit of a cliche of it’s own now though. Mick needs to get more dimensions as he’s now 1/6 of the possible plan that will stop Mallus forever. Damian Darhk’s growth and cutting loose continues to add to the show, and at long last Amaya is going to make some moves to do with her destiny but it looks like it won’t be a good move at all. The Legends are truly a mess, and we love them for it.

Score: 8 out of 10


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