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A divided Honest Trailers takes on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Just like some of the fanbase, the Epic Voice Guys of Honest Trailers are divided about the latest adventure in a galaxy far far away.

Last Jedi

It’s not news that fandom around Star Wars has become more and more divisive and sometimes toxic when it comes to the internet. The latest films that have come out since Disney bought the franchise are either the best films ever or are worse than the prequels and have destroyed the childhoods of a multitude of fanboys, depending on who you ask.

Screen Junkies has leaned into that divisiveness as their latest Honest Trailers video dives into Rian Johnson’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the latest film to send the fandom into long arguments about space wizards, space Nazis and giant battles between good and evil in a galaxy far far away.

Following a format they’ve used before, Screen Junkies brings in the current epic voice over guy and the original Honest Trailers epic voice guy to take on both sides of the arguments for and against the film as they pull apart everything that has been said about this eighth entry in the long running franchise.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now available digitally and on Blu-ray/DVD.


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