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DC TV – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×15 “Necromancing the Stone” review

The Waverider becomes a deathtrap as Mallus comes calling and the team must fight one of their own to survive.

LOT 3x15

The Greatest Enemy Is The One That Knows You Best

After having a slightly more quiet and fun week, as quiet as it can be with the Death Totem and Elvis, things were taken up a notch as Mallus connection to Sara was reignited. The Legends have taken on a lot of tough villains over the years, but probably none as deadly as a Death Totem using Mallus that has full control of all Sara’s abilities and knowledge. Not only is this being able to get into their heads, as evidenced by using Jesse to get to Wally, but is able to decimate anyone and everyone on the team hand to hand using all that League of Assassin’s training.

One spot that Wally has been quickly filling on this team is the reckless headstrong one that every team seems to need, who runs into things without thinking too much about it. At one point Jax had that role and even earlier this season that was what Zari was doing. Perhaps getting beat down so easily this week will help teach him more about not being that person as much, even though Zari tried to teach him that lesson last week and it didn’t seem to fully take. Not everything is about speed.

Many times with shows like this there is eye rolling when heroes ignored something they were told before. In this case, it was that the Legends were told that Mallus still had a grip on Sara and could come back, but there is no eye rolling. That’s because unlike say on fellow CW show The Flash, where the team ignored stuff for weeks for no reason other than plot drama convenience, the Legends had actual reasons they couldn’t deal with this. As evidenced in the weeks past and start of this episode, time is crumbling around them from all the anachronisms that Mallus team is causing to free him.

Having Constantine, Agent Sharpe and Agent Gary part of the group that came in to save Sara and the Legends was a nice one because it truly shows what a strong supporting cast this show has been building. Some of the other ensemble shows in the DC TV universe have a hard time even juggling the main cast, while this show has no such trouble most times. Each of the main cast has gotten their time to shine and even the supporting cast has their great moments and time to grow. That’s the true strength of this series, all the parts fit together no matter how dysfunctional they are at times.

LOT 3x15 Constantine

An Awkward Lance Triangle

After the sex in a horror movie moment that Constantine and Sara had in the mid-season premiere, she finally came to a full realization the next week how she felt about Agent Sharpe. That makes it a bit more awkward fun when Sharpe and Constantine learn about their shared connection to Sara in the process of trying to rescue her. Matt Ryan’s Constantine is ever a delight and his back and forth with Jes Macallan’s Sharpe about relationship advice, and the foot he’s carrying around for some reason, was golden. Here’s hoping the two interact more in the future.

The relationship between Sharpe and Sara has been a fun and refreshing one as it looked like one that might actually work out for Sara, that is until Rip secretly revealed there was some secret that he felt Sara could never learn about her girlfriend. Nora whispering in Sara’s ear about the killer she’s been and what happens if Ava finds out doesn’t help. Of course the predictable happens and Sara dumps Ava after all that was whispered into her ears. There is still room for them to reconcile, but even if they do there are further complications because it was just announced that Constantine will become a series regular if the series gets a season four. Meaning there could be more awkwardness should Sharpe and Sara get back together and make it through to the next season.

Mick Rory: Totem Bearer

Despite appearances of him being used a lot this season as the side bit and comic relief, Mick has grown a lot more this season than previously. Last week showed a different side of him as he lost his pet rat Axl and had to deal with that loss in his own way. His refusal to want to deal with change, as the team had lost so much and added new people. Now he had to face the fact that despite his claims, he’s not a bad person and is pretty much on a heroic path. As evidenced by the way that the Fire Totem worked for him when the time came for someone to try and wield it. Fire is something he has deep ties to, of course, making it logical that the totem would answer to him. Where this is going to go and what the team will do with the other totems remains to be seen but it should be interesting.

Final Thoughts

Contained episodes have worked well for the series this season, allowing the characters time to bond in ways and deal with threats that are not them bumbling through time trying to stop something from ruining the timeline. These episodes tend to put them in genuine danger, as this week did, and show their various personalities under stress. Tying in Sharpe, Gary, and Constantine to be the lighter aspect and add comic relief helped a ton to make the episode not as heavy. The break-up scene though was too cliche and ruined a lot of what the episode did. Though an episode of Constantine playing D&D, now that I’d pay to see more of.

Score: 9 out of 10


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