Matt Ryan’s Constantine upped to sereis regular for Legends of Tomorrow season four

After numerous guest spots, Ryan's Constantine is ready to dive into the Arrowverse full-time later this year.

DC LOT 3x10

For the last few years since NBC canceled the Matt Ryan led Constantine series after just one season, fans have wanted to see more of the magical DC Comics character. They’ve gotten some teases here or there on Arrow and recently on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Those fans will finally get their wish to see the character fulltime later this year.

According to Deadline, Ryan will permanently join the crew of the Waverider on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in season four as he is being upped from guest star to series regular for the fourth season. That promotion is contingent upon the series actually getting a fourth season renewal, but the chances of Legends and the rest of the DC CW fare getting renewals is pretty high.

Ryan will have three guest spots on the series wrapped up soon as he’s set to return one more time during the upcoming season finale, which likely will set up how he’ll end up joining the crew.

Constantine will be the latest to join the crew after they have lost a few members in Professor Martin Stein, who perished during the big four show crossover, and Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson, who departed during the mid-season finale to find his own life. Keiyan Lonsdale’s Wally West/Kid Flash recently joined the team in one of those open roles.




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