Scott Eastwood & Tom Payne are ready should Fox recast the role of Wolverine

The Pacific Rim: Uprising & The Walking Dead stars have expressed interest in the adamantium clawed mutant.


After taking part in the incredibly well received fitting conclusion to a story that was Logan last year, Hugh Jackman hung up the Adamantium claws that he had donned for 17 years as the X-Men’s Wolverine. Movies starring the merry mutants of Marvel haven’t stopped coming out from Fox, but the studio made it clear that they were not looking to recast the role anytime soon.

If the point ever comes that Fox, or Disney should the deal for them to buy up the movie/tv/etc studios of Fox go through, should want to find someone to fill Jackman’s shoes, a few actors have thrown their names into consideration.

The Walking Dead star Tom Payne, the man behind the long-haired bad ass Hilltop member Jesus, spoke with TVGuide about his desire to pick up the role if the chance ever emerges. Payne told them that at 5’7″, his height is much closer to the canon comic book height of 5’3″ that Logan generally is unlike Jackman who is 6’1″.

“If they did recast the Wolverine part, I’d be well up for it,” Payne said. “Wolverine is actually like 5’1″, or 5’2″ or something. And Hugh, he was brilliant, but he was much, much, much bigger.”

Payne isn’t the only actor from a comic book adaptation that wants to strap on the claws. Scott Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood, told ScreenRant that he “100% down” to take on the role if ever given the chance.

“I love Wolverine. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters of all time,” Eastwood said. “He’s a renegade. Total badass renegade. He’s kind of, you know, a loose cannon…doesn’t play by the rules…he’s the kind of character that I love.”

Eastwood has already starred in DC Comics Suicide Squad, in a smaller role, and soon will be seen on the big screen piloting a giant robot to fight monsters in Legendary Pictures & Universal’s Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Either actor could have a legitimate chance at the role should Marvel ever come calling, as their acting stock is rising within their respective projects.

Eastwood has been picking up bigger and bigger movie roles, diving into the Fast and Furious franchise along with the aforementioned movies, while Payne is getting more and more screen time on The Walking Dead which recently has seen many of its alumni and current cast taking on pretty big genre roles from The Punisher to Star Trek to Black Panther. 


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