Jim Cheung reportedly joins Scott Snyder’s Justice League as team roster is revealed

Marvel mainstay Jim Cheung could be providing his artistic style to DC Comics biggest team of heroes this year.

Justice League Featured

Following his years of work centered on Batman, including the current Dark Nights: Metal event, and the upcoming Justice League: No Justice miniseries, Scott Snyder is set to relaunch the Justice League’s main series. It’s still a bit of time away but now we have a bit more information on the title.

Thanks to a listing on the Penguin/Random House website for the series first collection, it’s been apparently revealed, that Marvel artist Jim Cheung is going to be taking some part in DC’s new big team series. The cover that is displayed on the site is from Cheung and the solicitation has him listed as the illustrator.

Super Sons artist Jorge Jimenez is also listed in the solicitation under the writer spot, but it seems more certain that he’ll be the artist for the series while Cheung will provide covers. Jimenez has only done art for the publisher before & no co-writer was announced previously for the series and over the years Cheung’s time drawing interior art has shrunk.

Cheung drew just the first two issues of Marvel’s current Marvel’s 2-In-One series and is slated to draw the sixth issue in May.

Justice League

Cheung’s cover reveals that the new team will feature mainstays Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, and Cyborg and will add on Hawkgirl along with the return of League fan-favorites Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern John Stewart.

The new Justice League series has no debut date other than sometime in June, with the collection stating the first volume arrives on November 13.

Check out the solicitation below.

Justice League Vol. 1
Written by Scott Snyder, Jorge Jimenez
Illustrated by Jim Cheung

Visionary author Scott Snyder makes his mark on DC’s most legendary team in Justice League Vol. 1!

Spinning out of the cataclysmic events of Dark Nights: Metal and the universe-defining No Justice, the core members of the Justice League–Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and more–are finally reunited!

The cosmos suddenly opens up to new threats that the Justice League could not imagine! As Lex Luthor and Batman race to solve a mystery going back to the beginning of the DCU, the rest of the League dive deep into new corners of their own mythologies!

One of the most critically acclaimed authors of his generation finally scribes DC’s flagship title in Justice League Vol. 1! Collects Justice League #1-6.

(Via: Newsarama)


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