Robert Venditti & Bryan Hitch take Hawkman monthly in June

After a few years on the sidelines, Carter Hall is ready to soar as the heroic Hawkman once more

Hawkman Featured

Following the events of Dark Nights:Metal and Hawkman: Found, Carter Hall, the winged hero Hawkman, is ready to soar once more and explore the ancient and unknown of the DC Universe.

DC Comics has announced that in June, DC exclusive writer Robert Venditti and artist Bryan Hitch will launch a brand new Hawkman series.

“Hawkman is one of the richest, most storied characters in comic book history, a cornerstone of the DC Universe,” says Venditti. “His adventures have taken him from ancient history to the far-flung cosmos, and everywhere in between. It’s been too long since he had a series of his own, and I’m excited to bring him back to the DC Universe.”

In this new series, Hawkman is on a quest to discover more about his various reincarnations through history and along the way finds out there are things that those past lives want to keep secret, no matter the cost.


“Hawkman has one of the most amazing visuals in comics,” Hitch said. “He’s the greatest warrior in all of the DCU, and with such a robust history to (literally) draw on, the sky’s the limit for how far we can take this.”

Venditti has been writing Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps since the start of DC Rebirth and Hitch recently wrapped a stint on Justice League. Outside of the appearances in the Dark Nights: Metal event & Hawkman: Found one-shot, Hawkman has been missing in action during the DC Rebirth era after having a Savage Hawkman solo series and a spot on the Justice League of America during the New 52 era.

Hawkman #1 arrives on June 13.


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