Erica Henderson announces her upcoming depature from Squirrel Girl & Marvel

After three years of drawing the adventures of Doreen Green, Henderson is ready to take on some new adventures.

Squirrel Girl

As Marvel Comics prepares to roll out their Fresh Start relaunch of titles over the next unknown number of months, they’ll be doing it without a number of their current artists. Following the departures of Chris Samne and Gabriel Hernandez Walta a new artist has announced their depature from the House of Ideas.

Taking to Twitter, Eisner Award-winning The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl artist Erica Henderson has announced that the current issue of Squirrel Girl she’s working on (the issue not revealed) will be her last. As stated in her tweets Henderson said the decision to leave was her own as she’s given three years to the title and wants to go into creator-owned work but will still work on series covers.

Also of note in the tweet is her revelation that the book is not ending just because she’s departing, indicating that the series could likely be getting a Fresh Start relaunch of its own very soon.

Henderson has been on both volumes of the series since it’s debut in 2015, followed by a second debut later that year with a new #1 issue after Secret Wars brought all Marvel’s titles to an end.


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