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DC TV – Arrow “Doppelganger” review

Even the return of Roy Harper can't fully save the very mediocre season Arrow is having.

Arrow 6x15

Mediocrity Thy Name Is Arrow

Really not a ton happens this week and in a way, it’s a slightly better episode than some of the recent ones have been, as the civil war between the two teams is mostly left to the side which is a big relief. Which makes this episode a very mediocre one which for this season is definitely not a bad thing. Instead of the Civil War, we get the return of Roy Harper under the hold of supposed mastermind Ricardo Diaz and the further flipping of Black Siren.

Playing A Game That Makes No Sense

Season six of this series has been all over the place, and that hasn’t changed with the latest episode. I’m sorry but there still is nothing that has been shown to make it believable that Ricardo Diaz, the drug dealer seen in one episode early in the season, is this powerful person that manipulated super hacker, Cayden James, bought off the entire SCPD, used James to kill off lots of people to allow his buying off to happen, also manipulated the FBI and Justice System to try and take down Oliver, and so much more. All because he claims he wants to own this city. Why the hell would you spend all this money and time to try and buy off/own a city full of vigilantes? There are thousands upon thousands of cities in the Arrowverse that have no vigilantes or metahumans that could be just as easily bought off.

Diaz play takes on another twist this week as the District Attorney dropped Rene as their witness, as the evidence that was being held over his head to make him testify was proven to come from James and was about to get dismissed, and had Roy Harper instead. Because even though even Felicity could not find Roy with her hacking skills and other assets, Diaz was easily able to do it. We get it series, you want Diaz to be this super planner badass villain. Still not buying it though.

Black Siren, pulled in by Diaz to try and get her back on his side, seemingly betrays Diaz and tells the team where to find Roy and they, of course, run in. What still makes no sense at this point is how both Diaz and James are playing this game where they toy with Oliver and keep letting him survive their encounters so that they can keep playing a long game to slowly destroy him or whatever. Instead of just offing him right then and there. Sure the hero can’t be killed off at this point in such a way, but it’s just becoming silly that the villains are all cats playing with a ball of string forever except this ball of string eventually (the season finale) will slap them back and take them down.

Arrow 6x15 Laurel

Insert Black Siren Plot Here, Repeat Over & Over

Just as ridiculous as the Diaz stuff is anything to do with Black Siren. Realizing she could not escape the vengeance of Black Canary, the villainous¬†doppelganger decided to tell the world that she was the deceased Laurel Lance that somehow had survived death and autopsy to be held captive for two years. A move that seems utterly silly but at the same time as is mentioned by the doctor that pronounced Laurel dead, they live in a world where the Flash and others exist. Resurrections aren’t that far out of the question. Of course, though, we find out that the whole betraying Diaz thing was part of a plot by Diaz because of course, it was.

Producers talked about adding in this version of Laurel after the other Laurel passed away because they missed working with Katie Cassidy and wanted to explore the character in a new way. Instead, all we’ve gotten is the same storyline done over and over in the different way of her being bad, seemingly redeemable, bad, seeming redeemable, rinse and repeat over and over and over again. All it’s done this season is turn Dinah into a ridiculous vengeance monster out to kill Laurel for what she did to Vigilante and make Quentin utterly ridiculous as he keeps playing the ‘But I can fix her’ card only to fail over and over again. While Katie Cassidy is a great actor and chews the scenery at times as the villain which can be fun, it’s time to either pick a side for this character or be done with her for good.

Final Thoughts

This series continues to stagger along with a plot that gets more and more ridiculous as the weeks go by, and not ridiculous in a good way. Heroes still being at one another’s throats over stuff is getting tiresome, and really the cast needs to be shrunk down since some of them are not even appearing anymore because there are way too many. At least Roy is back for a bit, maybe he can help make things a little better for the short time he’ll be here.

Score: 5 out of 10



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