Tony Stark gets a Rick & Morty or Black Mirror like fresh start this summer

Dan Slott & Valerio Schiti kick off a new era for Iron Man with his latest relaunched comic series.


After Brian Michael Bendis takes his various Iron Man armor wearing characters to a conclusion of his run with Invincible Iron Man this summer, Dan Slott is ready to leap over from his decade of Spider-Man to give Tony Stark a fresh start.

As reported by Nerdist, Marvel’s Fresh Start initiative will see a new title Tony Stark: Iron Man from the team of Slott and artist Valerio Schiti. Tony is back behind the armor and the new series is said to be “a superhero comic that’s somewhere between Rick & Morty and Black Mirror” in how weird it will be.

“As a futurist, Tony Stark thought he had all the answers. But since coming back from the dead, he now sees the Marvel Universe in a whole new light!” said editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski in a statement. “How does Iron Man continually evolve and stay relevant in a world where technology advances on a daily basis? Well, Dan Slott, Valerio Schiti, and Edgar Delgado are here to answer those questions as they take our Armored Avenger on adventures that push the boundaries comic storytelling and visuals! And Dan writes Tony with such heart…pun intended…we had to put his name in the title.”


Tony’s abilities as a hero are limited to the limits of what humanity can innovate, but at the same time he has and can push things even beyond those current limits. .

“He doesn’t come from a distant planet,” Slott said. “He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider. He took his own two hands and built everything he needs to stand side-by-side with Asgardian gods and super-soldiers! He’s always going to push the boundaries of science and tech to build a world he wants, and that’s going to lead to stories that go to insane places.”

Along the way, readers will be treated to Stark donning a variety of different armors, as he won’t limit himself to just using one suit of armor all the time. It’s said that there will be “hundreds of different armors in the series,” something Schiti said he’s looking forward too.

“To me this is heaven,” Schiti said. “To do new designs is one of my favorite things in comics, and here I have the chance to play with such an iconic character, to try different styles, to use classic suits, and to create new and extraordinary armors.”


While Stark is getting a fresh start, everything that has come before from Bendis and others will not be forgotten.

“Everything counts,” Slott said. “We’re going to play fair with all that’s happened to Tony from the very beginning all the way through to the most current runs. If you’re a longtime Marvel fan, I want you to know: ALL the continuity counts. The legacy counts. But if you’re one of the billions of people on this Earth who only knows Iron Man from the movies, you can jump on right here for a fresh start.”

Tony Stark: Iron Man arrives on June 20.








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