Disney/Lucasfilm accused of stealing a French artists designs for Solo posters

The Han Solo flick is hit with more controversy as the originally of it's movie posters is called into question.


Update 3/6/18 – Disney has responded to the claims of poster art theft, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A spokesperson for the company told THR, “The posters were created by an outside vendor and it’s something we are currently looking into.”

Original Story – Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s journey towards the big screen has been a very rocky one, to say the least. The film lost it’s original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord partway through the shoot with Ron Howard coming on board to reshoot a large portion of the film (some reports leaning towards almost the entire film).

Now with just under three months to go before it reaches theaters, the film has hit another snag.

French artist Hachim Bahous is claiming that designs he created for Sony Music’s The Legacy of Electronic Funk, The Legacy of Jass, The Legacy of Funk and The Legacy of Soul from 2016 were taken by Disney in the designs for the Han Solo film’s posters. Bahous posted a comparison of the Solo posters and his album artwork together on Facebook. 


At a glance, there are definitely some very heavy similarities in the work with the lettering, the individuals within the letters, the coloring of the letters and the background colors as well.

The Legacy of Funk can be found on Amazon with the cover that Bahous shared in his above post, with the release date as October 2016. Disney/Lucasfilm’s posters debuted the day after the first trailer was aired during the Super Bowl.

Disney has released no statement at this point regarding the accusations. Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives on May 25.

(Via: SyFy Wire)


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