All of Marvel’s Fresh Start titles so far

Marvel's heroes are getting brand new titles this summer, and all of the announced titles are collected here


Little by little Marvel Comics has been unveiling the various titles that will be getting relaunched or launched as part of their recently announced Fresh Start initiative, which finds their entire superhero line getting shiny new #1s on their covers. The publisher boasts that the initiative will see new series, new directions, new creative teams and new beginnings.

If you missed any of the announcements, most of them coming out two to three a day, this is the place to start. All the announcements so far and all the titles to come will be gathered here for easy viewing. Creative teams, images, and any brief direction info offered will be shared.

Keep checking back for updates.

Amazing Spider-Man 01 Featured


Following the culmination of Dan Slott’s decade-long run, Spider-Man gets a brand new beginning from the creative team of Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn & Laura Martin. Their run is said to feature the return of many classic Spider-Man elements along with the return of much of the character’s supporting cast which had been used off an on the last few years with Peter’s more globe-trotting stories going on.

Ant Man & Wasp Featured


Mark Waid, Javier Garron & Israel Silva are taking Scott Lang & Nadia Pym on a six-issue adventure in the Microverse this summer, just in time for Marvel Studio’s Ant-Man and the Wasp film hitting the big screen in July. Scott becomes lost in the Microverse and Nadia is the only one that can help him escape if he’s willing to admit that he’s lost and in need of help. Waid said the series should hopefully help set some solid rules for the Microverse going forward.

Avengers2018_001_Cvr Featured


Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness take on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with a team consisting of Captain America (Steve), Iron Man (Tony), Thor (Odinson), She-Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider and a rotating member space first filled by Doctor Strange. Set to churn out 18 issues a year, Avengers will be the lone book featuring an Avengers team for the first time in years. Dual stories will follow the present day team as well as Aaron’s co-created Avengers 1,000,000 BC in the past.



Ta-Nehisi Coates continues his run on the King of Wakanda’s series & is joined by artist Daniel Acuña as T’Challa heads off into space. This new series picks up on a storyline from last year’s Marvel Legacy #1 which introduced the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda, a multiversal empire created in T’Challa’s name. Black Panther arrives on May 26.



Ta-Nehisi Coates won’t be just handling the adventures in Wakanda anymore, the journalist and comic book writer is teaming up with Leinil Yu, Sunny Gho and Alex Ross for a brand new Captain America series. Steve Rogers place in the world after Secret Empire and in regards to some of the issues plaguing our nation currently will be handled in the new series which will also see him tangle with villains new and old. The team first debuts their story on May 5 with the Avengers/Captain America Free Comic Book Day #1 before the full series begins on July 4.

DPOOL2018001_CVR Featured


Fresh Start brings a new creative team and a new editor for the continuing adventures of Wade Wilson/Deadpool. Skottie Young and Nic Klein will handle creating the new series while Jake Thomas takes over editing the series from Jordan D. White who edited Deadpool series for many years. In the new series, Deadpool tries to get his mercenary-for-hire business back in order while dealing with a huge cataclysmic thread heads for Earth, with the Merc with A Mouth being the only one who might be able to stop it.

Doctor STrange FEatured


His connection to Earth’s magic waning, the Sorcerer Supreme heads to space in order to find new and different cosmic magic to recharge his magical batteries in a new series from Mark Waid and Jesus Saiz. Stephen Strange will achieve this new journey with help from Tony Stark, as he leaves behind his home world to explore the realms beyond. Doctor Strange arrives on June 6.

Multiple Man


Private investigator. X-Factor member. Mutant. Dead. Jamie Madrox died from exposure to the Terrigen Cloud in 2016, but now Matthew Rosenberg & Andy MacDonald are resurrecting the duplicating mutant for his own five-part series. The biggest threat that Jamie will face, outside of a mysterious new team, is Death itself as he’s still alive but not out of the woods quite yet when it comes to ending up dead once more. Former X-Factor teammates will show up to help Jamie along in his quest for life.

Immortal Hulk Featured


By day the returned Bruce Banner wanders the world. By night his savage undying alter-ego the Hulk is unleashed upon the Earth to dispense justice and vengeance. Al Ewing and Joe Bennett team-up to bring a new dynamic for the Doctor and the monster, where Bruce Banner is very much killable but his body will lay there all day only to come back as the Hulk is immortal, hence the title. Former Alpha Flight member Walter Langkowski/Sasquatch will appear in the series while reporter Jackie McGee, inspired by the 70’s Hulk TV series, will be on the trail of Banner/Hulk.



Carol Danvers takes a trip down memory lane in this new series, retelling the origin story of Captain Marvel from childhood to her powered days just in time for her upcoming 2019 big screen debut. Marvel’s official synopsis states that crippling anxiety attacks take Carol off the battlefield and begin her reliving the past. Carol’s past will not be reinvented in the series, just told once more through a new lens.

the-sentry-1088534 Featured


Marvel’s previously erased from the Marvel Univere memory only to return to the Avengers Superman like character is getting his own series once again for the new initiative. Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto are heading up the new series which spins out of Bob Reynolds/Sentry’s ressurection in the recent storylines from Doctor Strange. The series starts months after his Doctor Strange appearance, finding Sentry reintegrated into the Marvel Universe but still dealing with his his mental health and his internal arch-nemesis the Void.

Thor 2018

THOR – June

Asgardian artifacts are scattered across the Earth as the War of Realms continues to rage, and it’s up to Thor Odinson to deal with both. With Jane Foster’s story coming to a close, Jason Aaron launches another Thor series alongside his WeirdWorld collaborator Mike Del Mundo that finds Odinson reclaiming his mantle. Threats including the Juggernaut will confront Thor and the hero will have to rely on a multitude of variety of hammers to accomplish any or all of his new missions.



Black Mirror meets Rick & Morty will be the sort of world that Iron Man’s brand new Fresh Start series from Dan Slott & Valerio Schiti will inhabit. None of the continuity from Brian Michael Bendis & companies’ current run or the runs before will be forgotten even as Tony Stark fully returns as Iron Man. Hundreds of armors will be seen as the futurist inventor dons all the armors he has depending on the day or the mission on hand. Tony Stark: Iron Man arrives on June 20.

Venom2018_001_Cvr Featured


Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman leap into the horror-filled story of Eddie Brock and the alien Kylntar symbiote he’s bonded with to become the anti-hero Venom. Celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, the symbiotic character will face the emergence of a 1,000-year-old threat as well as some changes to their own relationship that for the first time ever has Eddie actually scared of his partner.

X-23 Featured

X-23 – July

After spending years holding down the mantle of Wolverine and growing as a hero, Laura Kinney’s fresh start for the relaunch includes going back to her The Facility given experiment designation X-23 in a brand new series. She-Hulk writer Mariko Tamaki joins All-New Wolverine artist Juann Cabal for the new X-23 series that will follow Laura, Gabby and Jonathan the actual Wolverine on new adventures.


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