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DC TV – Arrow 6×14 “Collision Course” Review

Teams Arrow square off as the petty drama of the season reaches a new level of ridiculous.

Arrow 6x14

Petty Drama Is The New Weapon Of Choice

The CW is a network more geared towards younger audiences so drama is going to be a big thing. That being said, the drama raging across this series week after week between the two teams is tiresome. A bunch of superhero adults acting like spoiled brats arguing about the same things over and over and over again while the city crumbles around them. This week’s episode just falls apart because honestly, none of the characters are all that sympathetic with their choices or actions. At this point, there truly seems to be no coming back from the mess that has been created.

Evil Laurel seemingly took all the money that Cayden James extorted from the city, leading both Arrow teams to be hunting her down for different reasons. Dinah, of course, wants to kill her because of the death of Vigilante while Oliver’s team wants to find her so they can get the money back before major city services are forced to shut down. Both teams go too far as they fight, hack one another, throw insults, bug, lie, and do so many other things that originally they were all using as the reason they were mad at one another. Yet, now they all do the same things and all that separates them is their petty anger at each other. Sadly this is probably a very unintentional snapshot of our real world right now where the adults are all acting like spoiled brats sniping at one another with words as the younger people made more sense and are trying to make a change that matters.

There is no coming back from this. Not without the writers coming up with some ridiculous pulled out of a hat reason for them all to forgive one another and be a team again. Any such thing will just feel hollow after how far they were willing to go. Curtis was willing to hack Diggle’s implant to find team Arrow despite knowing it was going to hurt Diggle a bunch. Their cries that they are better than team Arrow mean nothing at this point, they are the same and in some ways a bit worse really. Loose young cannons making unwise choices week after week. Why did it take till this week, the third episode since Laurel lost Vince, for Curtis to actually try hard enough to make an argument to sway her? Oh that’s right, plot drama.

Quinten trying to change Laural and trying to get his daughter back, despite her being from another world, was seemingly charming at first but now has reached a new level of kind of pathetic. Despite her hesitating before killing Vigilante and her keeping a photo that Quinten gave her, Laurel has proven time and time again that she’s a criminal and murderer. There is no old Laurel to redeem out of her, she’s a hardened criminal from another alternate world.

Arrow 6x14 Team Arrow

A Big Villain Plot Meaning Nothing

After spending months as drug kingpin part of the cabal wallpaper Ricard Diaz, unconvincingly to me, was revealed to be the true mastermind behind the season’s issues. He was the one that manipulated Cayden James and had James son killed and then thanks to a corrupt police captain he killed James himself. So one would think this being the return episode they would flesh this guy out finally. That is not the case of course because that would have made too much sense. Instead, the only reference we get is Oliver being told by that police captain that James was shivved in the neck by some crazy inmate during transport.

This season of Arrow has a massive issue, one that is plaguing some of the other DC CW shows too. They are trying to juggle so many plots and characters that the development of any of that is being left to the side. James was the same way, a villain that was hardly fleshed out until the last moments of his plot in the previous episode and then he was killed. Same with them fleshing out Vigilante only to kill him the same episode. At this rate, Diaz will finally be fleshed out the same episode that the team or teams finally figure out he’s the bad guy and kills him or something. It’s sloppy and really make it hard to care about so much that is happening.

Speaking of plotlines forgotten, after what has been well over a month or more in the world and five or so episodes out of the world the whole Oliver being investigated plot finally resurfaced. But only in the sense that the corrupt DA that Diaz has in his pocket and the corrupt police captain are now going to work together to reignite the case cause the DA guy claims to have something that will help bring Oliver down. At first, this plot seemed to have promise but then it was cast aside in favor of the Cayden James wild goose chase and the annoying civil war between teams.

Final Thoughts

Another week brings another mediocre episode of a season that is quickly crumbling around itself. Should Arrow somehow squeak out a seventh season, it’s time for a hard soft reboot to cut the cast down and get back to basics as this current version is no longer working at all. The CW is for teens, but it’s time for the petty ridiculous drama on this show to go.

Score: 5 out of 10


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