Franz Drameh is hopping on the Waverider again for Legends season three finale

After taking off during the mid-season finale, Jefferson 'Jax' Jackson is ready to return to his superhero family


Following the epic four-part alternate world Nazi crossover event last fall, the Legends lost both parts of their teammate Firestorm. Professor Martin Stein (Victor Garber) perished sacrificing himself for his friend and son-figure Jefferson ‘Jax’ Jackson (Franz Drameh) who subsequently left the Waverider after becoming powerless and choosing to try and experience life outside of the time-traveling team.

Like many others that have left the team before, Jax’s time isn’t finished with the team.

Despite Drameh departing the series as a regular last fall, he’s set to return to the series in a guest capacity for the upcoming season three finale, according to

How Jax’s return will play into the current plotline with the team taking on the demon Mallus and Damian & Nora Darhk and all of them on the hunt for various elemental totems that can defeat the demon. There is the fire totem that came up in the most recent episode that very well could be used to allow Jax to regain some type of power if his return turns out to be a more regular one rather than just a one-off guest spot.

Drameh will be joining Johnathon Schaech’s Jonah Hex and Matt Ryan’s Constantine who are both confirmed & rumored to be appearing in the season finale as well.


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