Fox has big plans for X-Men & Fantastic Four in spite of possible Disney deal

Whether the Disney/Fox deal happens anytime soon, Fox is moving ahead with their current plans.

X-Men Apocalypse

Last year it was all but decided that Disney was going to buy up the movie and television (along with a few other things) divisions of 20th Century Fox, with the deal not finalized because of various steps to be taken. Yet, for the executives and creative heads at Fox’s studios it’s business as usual going  forward.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox still has massive plans for their X-Men and other comic book related films going forward including following this year’s offerings of Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix with three X-Men related films each in both 2019 and 2020.

Josh Boone’s horror The New Mutants will be one of the three in 2019 after it was pushed back from its release date this year for a new one next year with reports of reshoots happening to add in another character to the cast, potentially the CGI heavy techno-organic alien Warlock who was long rumored to be part of the film. Also likely for 2019 is the long in development Channing Tatum led Gambit which just lost it’s third director Gore Verbinski lately but is still on the calendar for a June release.

There are still developing plans for a third Deadpool film potentially along with a Deadpool spinoff X-Force starring Deadpool and Cable among others. There are also those rumors about the James Franco developed and led Multiple Man film and the Kitty Pryde film that Brian Michael Bendis and Tim Miller reportedly are developing.

Among those also will assuredly be some continuation or relaunching of the main X-Men film franchise depending on how X-Men: Dark Phoenix fares after how poorly X-Men: Apocalypse was received in 2016.

Outside of the X-Men, there are plans still for the mysterious Legion showrunner Noah Hawley developed Doctor Doom film reported during SDCC last year and now reportedly comic book writer and television writer/producer Brian K. Vaughn is working on a standalone Silver Surfer film for the studio.

What will happen to these projects or any others should the Disney/Fox deal actually fully come to fruition is unclear.

Deadpool 2 Poster featured

Disney has made it clear that they are not seeking to have R-rated, like Deadpool and Logan, films in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe but the studio has had an imprint, Miramax, in the past that put out R rated films. Meaning they could easily keep these projects under the purview of the Fox studio they would own so that it’s from them but not from their main Marvel branch.

Keeping it apart like that would mean less chance of tie-ins with the main Marvel films, but it also would allow them to have two thriving superhero comic book worlds at once without bogging either one down which might be a good route to take and would allow these in development worlds and current franchises to continue to exist even after the merger.

Deadpool 2 arrives on May 18.


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