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DC TV – Legends of Tomorrow 3×12 “Curse of the Earth Totem” review

Pirates, first dates and totems plague the team as they get back to their mission to stop Mallus this week.

DC LOT 3x12

It’s a pirate’s life as the hunt for remaining totems that might help the team defeat the team of Mallus & family Darhk while Sara takes some personal time to actually try and forge a relationship. It’s another typical week of time travel chaos along with a dysfunctional crew coming through in the end.

Grab A Sword and Rum as Blackbeard Comes Calling

When the responsible adult is away, the irresponsible team members shall play in the timestream. As soon as the team decided to head back in time to take the Earth Totem from the feared pirate Blackbeard, after Damian Darhk managed to beat them to the Fire Totem in the present day, it was pretty certain there was going to be problems. This is the Legends after all. After the series took a week off for the fun Groundhog’s Day style episode, it was nice to get them actually leaping back into the series version of history.

Mick has been the class clown type for most of the season, and to be fair his bits have been pretty hilarious like last week’s erotic fiction secret, but there have been some times where he’s a voice of reason or has had some character moments. The stuff with his dad in the first half of the season was good depth, and this week his moments with Amaya were great. First, as he counsels her about just letting go of her worries regarding her granddaughters & Nate and the future/past and then using his knowledge of Pirate’s and their love of stories as a way to help Amaya by turning her into a super feared mythical pirate. Followed by their great moment with his words to her as they faced possible execution. It continues to show how deep the team’s relationships are and what these characters will do for one another and for their missions.

Pirate fun notwithstanding, the crew, as usual, made a bit of a stupid blunder. Sara might be their fearless leader and the glue holding them together, but how reckless Nate and Ray are acting for being the smart members is getting a bit alarming at times. They walked one of the totems right into the hands of Damian Darhk. If Nate could easily find out about the Earth Totem from book reading, they should not be shocked that the Darhk’s who have a demon and access to the time stream too could find where to go and trap them to get Amaya’s totem. Also, the moment of them getting stuck in the Bermuda Triangle and then bombarded by cannonballs courtesy of Darhk was just silly. It’s amazing at times that they will defeat Darhk again and Mallus along with him as the team is not really thinking anything through at all. It’s endearing at times but also very frustrating other times.

After the bonding that Ray and Zari did with Nora a few weeks ago, it was interesting to see Ray’s reaction when he used his anti-magic nanite gun on her and hurt her as she proved to still be possessed by Mallus this week. Now that they dealt a painful blow against the Darhks, it’s clear that this will come back to bite the team at a later date especially since Ray was stupid and put himself right back into their hands. There is also the fact that Amaya has lost her totem to the villains and that along with her continued presence out of time continues to threaten the future if she can’t get it back. Hopefully, by season’s end, they put this plotline to rest and she goes home to live out her destiny.

DC LOT 3x12 Sara

A Bit Of Normal In The Middle of Abnormal

Forging relationships that aren’t dysfunctional is not something the Legends are all that great at. While they have a family bond amongst the team, romantic relationships both within and outside of the group are always a bit of a mess. That’s why in a way I have, and most likely many others as well, been rooting for the Sara/Ava (Agent Sharpe) pairing. It was clear from the start that something was going to rise up there, and so far it’s been a pretty fun and at times a cute bit of flirtation and growing. Shame that as usual, the antics of the team in time and Agent Gary brought chaos to their date. Though all was made up for as the two got to finally kiss after a bit of a fight where they come to realize that being normal is overrated and they like not being normal and enjoy their crazy lives and one another. And hey nothing better as a first date than fighting Blackbeard and his pirates in the modern day. Looking forward to the future of their relationship.

A Rip In Time With A Speedster

Not having Rip Hunter around at times is a loss for this series. While I get that they were having a hard time trying to have him on the team with Sara as the leader, there is definitely something lost when he’s gone. Using him as the way to bring Wally West/Kid Flash into the team’s orbit is a good way to do it as it gives us more Rip along the way. Poor Wally, the guy was just ditched by all his friends and family essentially and he still misses them despite that. I admit though, Rip using a drunk Wally to get a way to travel through time again (by embarrassing Agent Gary and stealing his time device) and get his coat back was pretty great. As was the duo heading back to 1992 for some “Careless Whisperer” Karaoke.

Final Thoughts

As usual, the team managed to win the day despite their really stupid mistakes, though it would be nice to see them be able to win without having made really poor decisions along the way. Hopefully, the Sara/Ava relationship goes better than the way the show has treated all other relationships, as it would be nice to see a happier one at last. Looking forward to how Wally and Rip actually meet up with the team.

Score: 8.5 out of 10


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