The Cosmic Ghost Rider rides into his very own series this summer

Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw's alternate future creation is getting his own miniseries for Marvel's Fresh Start.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Featured

Marvel’s latest line-wide initiative, seemingly dubbed “Fresh Start,” is bringing with it the recent fan-favorite space bike riding Cosmic Ghost Rider who’s getting his very own solo miniseries this summer.

The new series is coming from the new Ghost Rider’s co-creator Donny Cates and a yet to be announced artist, according to Newsarama. Debuting in Thanos #13 by Cates & Geoff Shaw, the cosmic Ghost Rider is an alternate future Frank Castle that has been serving King Thanos and is a character that seemed to catch on with audiences rather quickly.

While no artist was named, the series first cover was revealed from artist Mike Deodato Jr and colorist Edgar Delgado.

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Before his miniseries, the Cosmic Ghost Rider is getting his origin story told in the upcoming Thanos #16 and is set to narrate the story of Thanos rise to King in the upcoming Thanos Annual #1.

Cosmic Ghost Rider arrives sometime this summer.


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