ICYMI: Han Solo plus Beastie Boy’s Sabotage equals a fun new trailer

Despite how you felt about the original trailer, it's hard to deny this re-cut version isn't really fun.


Fan reactions to the concepts presented in the Disney led stand-alone Star Wars films, those outside of the main Skywalker saga, has been mixed at times. No more so than when it was announced that the studio was going to do a film starring a younger version of Han Solo, even though Harrison Ford’s version of the character was already on the young side in the original film.

A few weeks ago, during and after the Super Bowl, the first looks at the Ron Howard directed film (taking over for the fired Chris Miller and Phil Lord) dropped. Once again reactions were a bit mixed about the Alden Ehrenreich as the scruffy charming smuggler version of the film.

Thanks to the internet though we now have a version of the trailer that most can likely appreciate. Taking a note from a trailer from Star Wars science fiction cousin Star Trek,  the folks behind the War Starts At Midnight podcast mixed together footage from the Super Bowl teaser and the full trailer along with Beastie Boy’s Sabotage for something pretty great.

As noted in the video description, the inspiration for this trailer re-cut came from their feeling that the young Solo film trailers felt more like a young James T. Kirk film. Whether that is true or not is up to interpretation, but their work has definitely paid off to create something we can all enjoy.


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