Screen Junkies takes on the Justice League for the newest Honest Trailer

Even gathering their biggest heroes together didn't fully help Warner Bros. film universe

Justice League Movie

Things have been pretty rough for most of the films and characters that are part of the shared universe of films of DC films that Warner Bros. has been building the last few years. Last fall, Justice League added to a pile of films that failed to deliver the way that the studio hoped that it would as it struggled amidst a lost director and a slew of reshoots.

Screen Junkie’s latest Honest Trailers entry takes a long look at the film pulling it apart from issues caused by the director mash-up to the overabundance of CGI (from the villains to the heroes to the plot devices and even the much talked about Henry Cavill mustache removal) and even the reports that WB pushed the film out just to make sure their executives got their bonuses.

Justice League arrives on Digital HD & Blu-Ray/DVD on March 13.


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