Marvel Comics announces ‘Fresh Start’ in May with line-wide changes

Spring is a time for change and renewal and it seems that Marvel Comics is taking that to heart. The publisher has announced that this May will be a time of a fresh start as they welcome in new titles, new creative teams, new directions and new beginnings for their stable of characters.

The Jim Cheung art accompanying the announcement is a good mix of classic and more new/modern characters.

This change makes a lot of sense as it’s already known that Amazing Spider-Man and Invincible Iron Man are undergoing changes as Brian Michael Bendis has departed the series for work at DC and Dan Slott is ending his over a decade run on Spider-Man to take on Tony Stark. Other titles like Jessica Jones, the Miles Morales Spider-Man, and others are also poised to gain new creators as they move forward.



5 thoughts on “Marvel Comics announces ‘Fresh Start’ in May with line-wide changes

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