Everything is new with Doctor Who series 11 as the BBC reveals a brand new logo

Jodie Whittaker's upcoming turn as the iconic character is coming with a lot of shiny new things for the show.

Doctor Who 13 costume FeaturedSince Doctor Who returned to television screens in 2005, the series has gone through numerous actors playing the title role of the Doctor and for the various companions and at times the series has had some tweaks to the opening credits or other aspects. Mostly though even with changes to the cast and writing staff the series has mostly stayed the same.

That’s all changing with the upcoming eleventh series that arrives this fall.

Not only is the Doctor now a woman as Jodie Whittaker is taking on the iconic role with a brand new showrunner with Broadchurch‘s Chris Chibnall, but it was revealed recently that longtime composer Murray Gold is leaving the show behind.

Now we get a brand new logo as well. Revealed by the official Doctor Who Twitter account, the new logo is very shiny and gold and somewhat simple and to the point still.


Along with the image reveal, the Twitter also revealed a little video of the logo forming along with what could be a tease of the altered theme for the new series.

Doctor Who returns in October.


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