Benjamin Percy trades Star City for Blüdhaven in May as Nightwing’s new writer

Dick Grayson is pitted against a new cyber threat as Percy & artist Chris Mooneyham take over the title this summer.

Nightwing 44 Featured

After spending the last few years within and outside the borders of Star City inhabiting the mind of Oliver Queen, Benjamin Percy is ready for a change in 2018. A change that takes him to the crime-ridden streets of Blüdhaven.

DC Comics has announced that the former Green Arrow writer and current Teen Titans writer is teaming up with artist Christopher Mooneyham to take over the monthly adventures of Richard ‘Dick’ Grayson beginning with Nightwing #44 in May.

“The best way to approach NIGHTWING is as a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled mystery and adventure,” Percy said. “I’m going to crank up the volume on that world, dose it full of steroids and poison, and dream up a digital nightmare that will ultimately impact the entire DCU.”

Nightwing 44

Percy and Mooneyham’s first arc is titled “The Bleeding Edge” and is said to be part of the groundwork for a threat to the entire DCU.

In this arc, change is on the horizon when a new technologist sets his sights on , creating a holographic, interconnected city where everyone is an individual and part of a larger network. It’s the internet made physical. Gentrification on gigabyte-laced steroids. But when this new utopia encroaches on his turf, Nightwing starts to uncover a sinister plot based not on revenge…but on a reckoning.

“Consider how Gotham and Blüdhaven are shadow-soaked, crime-ridden environments,” explains Percy. “One of the things I love about Nightwing is his irrepressible optimism. This joy—a love of the game, a showman’s theatricality—is tonally essential to my approach. I see it as a necessary counterweight to material that might otherwise feel oppressively grim. In this way, Grayson really captures the hopeful maxim that has defined the Rebirth era.

Nightwing #44 arrives on May 02.




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