The Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman names a character he wishes he could bring back from the dead

Dead definitely means dead in the zombie apocalypse world but Kirkman wishes it didn't for a certain character.

TWD Cast

After fifteen years of taking part in the sad and often times brutal deaths of a great number of characters in the zombie apocalypse world of The Walking Dead, both the comic series & it’s TV show adaptations, it’s only natural that writer Robert Kirkman might wish to have some of those characters amongst the living once more. Killing your darlings is often seen as the mark of good writing, because it’s too easy to kill the characters you or the audience hates, and there is ample opportunity to kill those darlings in the world Kirkman helped create.

According to, during the Walker Stalker Cruise 2018 Kirkman revealed that there is one character that he wished he could hit the undo button on and bring them back into the world. While Kirkman guessed that the crowd would choose Glenn, he revealed that his number one choice would be Tyrese Williams, played by Chad L. Coleman, who perished midway through season five.

“I miss the character a lot in the comics, and it was great getting to write him again for the show, and you know, I thought he was a cool guy. I liked how gentle he was and how ill-equipped for the world he was and what a struggle it was for him to bash people’s heads in with that hammer.”


In the comics, Tyrese died a little sooner than his television counterpart, as he was the character that the Governor beheaded outside of the prison before surging forward to attack Rick’s group with a tank. That death in the television show went to Scott Wilson’s Hershel Greene at the midway point of season five.

Instead Tyrese met his end while exploring the home of new group member Noah, caught unaware he was bitten by Noah’s undead little brother and despite Rick and company chopping the arm off and racing to get him back to the group Tyrese passed away, seemingly choosing to let go because he was not fully built to survive in this type of world.

Unfortunately, there is no undo button for Kirkman to push, as even zombie Tyrese can’t happen to stumble 100 miles to Alexandria as the group knew enough to stab the brain before he reanimated.

With the series set to return for the rest of season eight on February 25, the spinoff series returning this summer, the main show coming back for a season 9 and the comic book series still surging forward there will no doubt be many many more deaths that Kirkman and company might wish they could undo.


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