Hit-Girl heads to Canada for her second arc with Jeff Lemire and Eduardo Risso

The Great White North is about to be served justice, Hit-Girl style

Hit Girl

Canadian criminals beware, Hit-Girl is headed for the land up North to dispense her brutal form of justice.

Mark Millar, the co-creator of Hit-Girl & Kick-Ass among others with John Romita Jr., revealed that the second arc of the upcoming Hit-Girl series, the first issue arrives February 21, will be handled by Jeff Lemire (Bloodshot Salvation, Descender) and Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets) with Mindy McCready’s globe-trotting adventures taking her to Canada. Their arc begins with June’s Hit-Girl #5.

When the series was originally announced, Kevin Smith would be following Millar and Ricardo López Ortiz’s debut arc on the series. As the tweet shows Smith is still among the upcoming creators diving onto the book, but it looks like his arc has been pushed back in favor of Lemire & Risso’s.

While Millar and Romita will be handling the new Kick-Ass ongoing series featuring a new person taking up the identity, the Hit-Girl series was announced as one that will feature various creative teams taking over an arc of her story with Millar overseeing. Each of these arcs will also send Mindy to a brand new country.


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