The Blade trilogy gets dissected in the latest Honest Trailers

Years before Marvel Studios, Blade was the first black Marvel superhero with his own series of films

While Black Panther is set to dominate at the box office and open the door to a lot more diversity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most outlets tend to forget that this is not the first time a black Marvel character has had a film. Screen Junkies though hasn’t forgotten as their latest Honest Trailers entry covers the entirety of the Blade movie franchise.

Not only was it the first Marvel-related film with a black superhero, as the video points out it was also the first for a lot of things like the first Marvel movie franchise with the first film great with a better sequel and then a third lackluster entry that effectively kills the series as it stands.

Wesley Snipes has long been rumored to have discussed more Blade stuff with Marvel, but there has never been official word if the studo (either TV or Movie) will ever do more with the vampire hunter.



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