Warner Bros. live action Titans adds the Doom Patrol

DC's classic misfit team is ready to make their live-action debut alongside the Titans later this year.

Doom Patrol

DC Comics teen heroes are not going to be alone when they make their live-action debut later this year on Warner Bros. still unnamed streaming platform. Their classic misfit team Doom Patrol is going to make an appearance in at least an episode of Titans.

DC Chief Creative Officer, and series producer, Geoff Johns revealed their presence by tweeting out the cover to the fifth episode’s script which he is credited as the writer, an episode aptly titled “Doom Patrol.”

Their presence makes a lot of sense. Besides just being a fan-favorite team that has appeared in various formats through the years, including the current Gerard Way written Young Animals Doom Patrol series, in the old continuity of DC Comics they were connected to Teen Titans/Titans member Beast Boy/Changeling who got his start as a member of the Doom Patrol.

There is no word on which characters from Doom Patrol, there are a lot of them from the various series, will appear or if it’s just a one-episode appearance or if they’ll play more of a part going forward.

Titans is set to be an anchor series on the streaming platform sometime this year.


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