Warner Bros. reportedly approaching Michael Bay for their Lobo film

The explosion loving director could be jumping from Transformers to an alien comic book bounty hunter.


When fans think about the future of the DC shared universe of films their minds likely have not gone that much towards the bounty hunter Lobo or director Michael Bay. Turns out, Warner Bros.’ minds have gone there.

According to The Wrap, the studio has met with the Transformers franchise director to discuss taking on the long-simmering Lobo film which focuses on the alien antihero who is a mercenary and bounty hunter and was a very popular staple of the DC Universe when he was revived in the 90s. The studio reportedly hopes it can be their own version Fox’s Deadpool.

Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs is said to be incorporating some notes that came from the meeting with Bay into a rewrite of the script. Once that rewrite is complete, reportedly the plan is to show it to Bay to see if that will seal the deal.

Lobo has been in the works in some format since 2009, with Guy Ritchie and San Andreas director Brad Peyton both attached at different points to direct.

While Bay directed five Transformers films that started off making a lot of money before they began to dwindle box office wise by the latest one last year, he’s a very controversial and divisive director known for a focus on explosions, military and scantily clad women.

After disappointing returns for three of their last four films, Wonder Woman being the only success as even Justice League did not make big returns at the box office, Warner Bros. seems to be looking for any way to revive the sinking shared universe or just DC branded films in general. Lobo seems an odd choice with his lower profile to most non-DC fans, while The Flash and Batman and others are seemingly in a holding pattern for films at some future point that isn’t clear.

Their next film is December’s Aquaman.


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