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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×13 “Both Sides Now” review

Things take a turn as the second World Killer arrives & a secret might have been discovered in the winter finale.

Supergirl 3x13

It’s been a staple of most ongoing series that feature heroes of any kind to have a ‘big bad’ villain that is the background or foreground threat all season long, saving the final battle for the end. The mark of a good show though is to not lose track of other things going on by only focusing on that villain, and that is what Supergirl does this week as the Reign/World Killer threat takes a back seat to the return of Morgan Edge & his feud with Lena Luthor.

Division In The Ranks

I have to give this week’s episode major props, they didn’t waste any time to kick off this second middle of the season finale. Really nice of Supergirl and company to just burst into a person’s home based upon a dream that Supergirl had about who is the next World Killer. Cause it’s a really great idea to burst into a home when you are certain someone is an evil destructive Kryptonian. Though it was a good way to set up the crumbs that of course led to a revelation later in the episode about Reign. It’s a real shame that the series has to go on a nine-week break because the network has five hero shows and only wants to air four at any given time. Any momentum that has been built since the mid-season return is going to be muted now that we won’t get the continuation of this storyline till the middle of April.

It was very interesting to see the difference in the sisters and how they handled Purity. Kara is still full of hope and wants to believe that what she saw of a scared normal persona in the house is real, while the pragmatic Alex just sees a dangerous Kryptonian and nothing else. What makes it work the best is that neither one is really wrong. Sure we as the audience know that there are the human sides of the World Killers that are not dangerous and are unaware of what is going on but there is also the uber dangerous Kryptonian side that is unleashed. In the end, Kara’s hope will likely pan out when it comes to Reign and whatever form the final battle takes, but even though she sort of came around to Kara’s way of things Alex is right in the moment. These World Killers are dangerous, and Reign has decimated all of them just by herself. What happens when all of the World Killers are together could end everything.


Is A Wasted Legion Better Than No Legion?

The mid-season return brought in the Legion of Superheroes trio and setup all their story, letting them take on Reign, but then began to dimish them to the point where outside of Mon-El they didn’t even appear in the previous episode or most of this one. Bringing in such a superteam, one inspired by Supergirl, was a nice move but if they are going to barely have any sort of impact it might be better off if they just head back to their own time at some point. Especially since their being around has kept this dramatic sort of triangle thing going with the married Mon-El & Imra and Kara.

Supergirl 3x13 Reign Alex

Of course, that marriage hits a rocky spot because drama is needed and it gives Mon-El/Kara fans (I assume there are some of those) something to maybe cheer for. Honestly, I’m so over the triangle and need Kara to move on and focus on anything but the man. I get that this is a drama on a teen-focused network with romance and such as a key component, but find a better romance to focus. And of course, they have to throw in this whole thing where Imra and Mon-El didn’t choose to get married, they were a marriage to unite planets. It’s just ridiculous because clearly, it’s a way to get Mon-El and Kara back together later this season. Mon-El’s confession of not being sure if he’s in love with Kara still and some secret from Imra about their real mission I’m sure will be the nails in the triangle’s coffin. I’m so over romance on these shows, as they are just so ridiculous. Kara deserves far better than this mess.

Keeping the Legion around just to have this triangle is a big time waste. Use them for more. Like why is Brainiac 5 not around when Winn, Mon-El, and J’onn are all working together to try and fix the Legion ship. He was having some interesting moments with the other guys two weeks ago when the women were on a mission & the men were all left behind to run in the supporting roles. Then he just wandered off into some hidden room somewhere unseen. Why are he and Imra not there helping with the whole World Killer thing? Sure there was that whole ‘We have the plans to save the future in our DNA’ thing but Mon-El is there. Why are two other heroes just sitting things out when even the normal human Alex is out there risking her life? It just underscores the point that things might be better with the Legion just going home already.

Sometimes Multiple Finales Aren’t A Bad Thing

Despite the aforementioned concern that momentum will be lost when this show goes on a nine-week break, the finales of the season so far have been pretty great. Just like the mid-season finale, this episode makes sure to prove that the World Killers are not just a perceived threat but are actually a threat. Just like Reign did before with just Supergirl, Purity finds a way to break out of her cell and goes about laying waste to anyone at the DEO that gets in her way before just blasting off into the sky like nothing can stop her. That subway fight was brutal. Dividing the heroes by putting lives in danger then wiping the floor with Kara and Mon-El, proves that Purity is just as much of a threat as Reign.

Alex being able to get through to Purity using the tactics that Kara was championing earlier definitely continues to foreshadow what most of us have known since last year, it will be her daughter that will help Samantha break free of the Reign persona in some way by the season finale. This finale didn’t have the same full bite as the mid-season finale, possibly because it might not have been conceived as a finale, but that moment with Lena and Samantha/Reign begs the question what Luthor knows.

Final Thoughts

Things get right into gear this week, and the action is just as great as it has been the last few weeks. Unfortunately, with the hiatus, there are too many bits of mysteries tossed out that won’t be answered for far too long. Marital issues drag things down but it’s good to see that Lena Luthor might actually have more to do soon besides kissing James & fighting Morgan Edge.

Score: 8.5 out of 10




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