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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×12 “For Good” review

Reign & the World Killers take a backseat as the rich folks play some assassination games against one another.

Supergirl 3x12

It’s been a staple of most ongoing series that feature heroes of any kind to have a ‘big bad’ villain that is the background or foreground threat all season long, saving the final battle for the end. The mark of a good show though is to not lose track of other things going on by only focusing on that villain, and that is what Supergirl does this week as the Reign/World Killer threat takes a back seat to the return of Morgan Edge & his feud with Lena Luthor.

Luthor vs Edge vs Luthor

Reign has been the big villain threat of the season but she’s not the only antagonist. That tag also goes on Morgan Edge who has gone from a silly over the top supervillain type to a much more subdued merciless tactician type to now something else. His feud with Lena Luthor along with her relationship with James Olsen takes the center stage this week, which is okay but not fully welcome because they are nowhere near as compelling as the overall Supergirl/Reign storyline. Ya know Morgan, most people that survive some sort of car-focused assassination attempt by leaping out of a car go to a hospital rather than show up at a newspaper office bloody and in a super dirty and torn suit. Then again, you’re not a normal person I suppose. Also, Reign tried to kill Morgan what must be a few weeks ago at this point but he got into a lead-lined room to hide, so why didn’t she ever go back? Not even a mention of that really. Add it up to the list of things that the series just doesn’t feel like bothering to answer lately.

Taking a break from the Reign beating down Team Supergirl is a welcome change of pace, though this plot of someone trying to off Lena and Edge isn’t fully the most engaging. The rich folks sniping, almost literally, is kind of eye rolling because it happened earlier this season with no real result at the end. It wasn’t fully a turn off though, as there were some high points. Especially when the culprit behind it all turns out to be Lena’s mother back once more. Supposedly here to kill Morgan Edge and his cronies for trying to kill her daughter, out of a warped motherly love. Oh those Luthors, what a family they are. Lillian’s return seems to be bringing out the worst in Lena, which was glimpsed earlier in the season. I almost wonder if Lena is headed towards an eventual Smallville Lex Luthor style fall from grace. Tying Reign/Samatha’s B-Plot events into the main story to help show Lena that giving into her Luthor impulses is bad was a nice touch. As was Lillian Luthor donning Lex Luthor’s suit to try and kill Edge and take on the superheroes (saving the superhero fights for the very end was a nice touch too).

The eye-rolling out of nowhere James/Lena relationship comes into play as well and that has definitely dragged things down a bit the last few weeks (outside of the funny scene with Martian Manhunter turning into Kara to fool Lena in the mid-season return). A lot of relationships this season have been a bit forced in the sense that they have just gone from 0 to 60 pretty fast. While I really enjoy the Samatha dynamic with the group, she went from Lena’s new employee to best friend of the group really really quickly. It’s not a big deal, a small quibble, but it’s a pattern as the Lena/James relationship seemed to just appear out of nowhere too. Sometimes taking the time to actually build a relationship actually makes them easier to accept.

Supergirl 3x12 Guardian

All The Other Things Going On

First off, oh hey nice that the series finally remembered after weeks that Superman exists, though they still did not address why no one is bothering to call him for his help when Reign has been wiping the floor with the heroes and there are two more like her soon to wake up and help destroy everything. It’s a giant hole in the story that for some reason the writers have not bothered to even offer a reason for. All it would take is a “He’s off-world dealing with Mongal and War World” or something. Anything really. Because right now it just seems like either he’s choosing to neglect helping after his cousin was beaten almost to death for the world to see, or Kara and company are just way too proud and have told him off and told him not to help. Either way, it’s silly.

What has been great about the villain plot this season is that Reign is very sympathetic because of the Samantha part of her, who has no clue what is going on and is a friend with the main cast. Watching her and Alex working to find out why she has lost memories (the times she has been Reign) was a nice one. It gives Reign/Samatha a way to be in the episodes without having to be the big bad threat of the episode. So far what is happening to Samatha continues to be interesting, as her Reign powers seem to be sporadic in a way. That Alex was able to draw blood seems to prove that outside of the World Killer persona she isn’t fully Kryptonian. It seems very clear that getting her back to the Samantha persona, likely through her daughter, might be the key at the end of the season to defeating the villain. Incapacitating her once she’s human or even her sacrificing herself when back to Samatha form to stop the threat. Something to keep in mind going forward.

Also small matter, but what the heck happened to the rest of the Legion? Suddenly Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl are just missing this week but Mon-El is still around to help with the Luthor battle. I get that the series is juggling a lot of things this season, kind of their own choice really, but there are just so many holes being made with people just vanishing or not being around for no given reason. Maybe don’t stuff the show so full next season. Just a thought.

Final Thoughts

This week’s A-plot wasn’t fully the most engaging but it led to some good character development moments for Lena while keeping Kara as Kara for most of the episode, instead of having to solve most things as Supergirl. James/Lena either needs to actually be developed or just go away, I’m okay with it going away. Samantha/Reign continues to be the best villain for this series as she’s got so many layers that are all interesting. Thank goodness the World Killers are the focus again next week.

Score: 7 out of 10


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