Tom Hardy’s Instagram suggests filming for Sony’s Venom has wrapped

After beginning in late 2017, the initial filming for the Symbiotic anti-hero film looks to be complete


Even though it feels like it just began, Sony’s Venom film might have already wrapped up filming. Very little about the film has emerged, Sony seemingly trying to keep almost everything close to the vest even who the rest of the cast that isn’t Tom Hardy is playing in the symbiotic anti-hero film.

Hardy is the one that has revealed that the film might have finished wrapping through Instagram, where he’s been sharing some photos here or there related to the filming process. After starting in Atlanta back in October, filming for Venom moved to San Francisco to finish up the filming and now Hardy’s photo caption states that the film has wrapped in the bay city.

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Wrapped. Life back. Bye 👋

A post shared by Tom Hardy (@tomhardy) on

Pricinpal photography filming stages of films tend to take varying times depending on the project, and the shorter three month time on this film is not that out of the ordinary. No doubt the highly likely CG & motion capture nature of Venom and battles that are rumored to be against other symbiote wearing villains will take up most of the other development time before the film opens later this year.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, VEnom is the first of a few planned Spider-Man related films from Sony that won’t actually feature Tom Holland’s Spider-Man since he is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the partnership between the studios that led to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The film also stars Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, Scott Haze & Riz Ahmed and arrives on October 05.


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