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The Red Eye: The lack of fanfare for the Han Solo film is not necessarily a good or a bad thing

No trailers, teasers & posters with only four months to go doesn't mean Lucasfilm has a bad film.

Solo A Star Wars Story

Now that all the talk around Star Wars: The Last Jedi has begun to somewhat die down, except for those that are still angry about the film, fans eyes have turned towards the Han Solo solo film that arrives in just a few months. Problem is there isn’t much for them to actually put their eyes upon for the film.

With just under four months to go before Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters, there is little to nothing that has officially been released by Lucasfilm.

Honestly, the film saw it’s most public exposure in June of 2017 when directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller were removed and quickly replaced with Ron Howard. Once Howard took over he began to share some fun and not really revealing too much behind the scenes photos on social media.

Since the film wrapped it’s extensive reshoots, reportedly Howard might have reshot basically everything that Lord & Miller did and all that they didn’t do, there has been nothing.

No posters.

No teasers.

Not a single thing.

There have been constant rumors of the when and where a trailer will drop, seemingly changing every day to declare that one is totally coming on some date coming up. Lucasfilm has been very tight-lipped about it all, though some other rumors claim that they are not happy with the film but there has been nothing to validate those rumors.

Right now all we know is that the film lost its directors after creative differences, veteran director Howard stepped in, the film finished production, focuses on a young Han along with Chewie & Lando along with others and it arrives in May.

Star Wars fans have begun to worry and proclaim doom for this film, that many fans would argue they never asked for as they didn’t really need to see the beginnings of a character like Han Solo. Marketing for The Last Jedi and other films was always well in advance, even if they held the trailers back a bit to make sure they didn’t put them out too early sometimes.

Studios generally want to put out multiple trailers before a film comes out, the better decision makers spreading those trailers out so that audiences can sit and dissect them and really soak in them for awhile. This film would probably only be able to get out maybe two trailers if they put one out very very soon and another maybe in March, to avoid a glut of teasers way too close to the film.

Solo Cast

Thus why many are worried, thinking this lack of promotion means the writing is on the wall that this will not be a great Star Wars film.

It might not, that possibility always exists.

Thing is though, it might also not mean that.

Bear with me. Back in 2016 at the beginning of the year suddenly Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions dropped a full trailer to the film 10 Cloverfield Lane, a film that before that moment no one even knew was going to happen. It was a spiritual successor to the 2008 film Cloverfield and had been secretly developed under the name The Cellar.

Opposed to the general strategy mentioned before to saturate the market with promotion, Paramount and J. J. Abrams’s Bad Robot added the name for the film and began promoting it just a two months before it was set to arrive in theaters. It paid off as the film was well received both critically and box office wise.

In a way it proved that if you have a good team attached, have a brand name attached and have good trailers there is really no reason to have a full year or more of trailers, teasers, posters, and other promotions. If we were all truly honest, we know there is no reason that any of the Marvel or DC or other blockbusters need five trailers and fifty TV spots and a million posters spread through a year or months.

Everyone knows what big films are coming and likely know if they are interested or not once they see the first trailer.

So Solo could very well be just like 10 Cloverfield Lane and fly under the radar with very little promotion and let what is on the screen speak for itself and do well.

On the other hand, the fans might very well be right and the lack of promotion could be because Disney knows they have a stinker on their hands and doesn’t want to pump more money into what is already a failure.

There will be no way to really truly tell until the film is on the screens and we see it because as we all know from films in the past, including Suicide Squad very recently, a really good trailer can mask a poor film.

As an optimistic fan, I’m going to choose to believe that Solo is the next 10 Cloverfield Lane. Perhaps I’m living in a fantasy that will be shattered on May 25 when the film comes out.

Or maybe I’m not.


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